A buying guide for Keyless Entry System

A keyless entry system is an electronic lock that limits entry into a car without using a mechanical key. The earliest form of keyless entry systems required you to enter a numeric code on a keypad located near the driver’s door.

Another variation of the keyless entry system is a remote starter which uses a remote, also called a key fob, to lock and unlock the vehicle’s doors.

The system is commonly used in vehicles and performs all the functions that a standard key would, without physically turning a key. When the driver gets within a specified distance of the car, simply pressing a button on the remote will unlock the doors. Once inside the vehicle, press a button to start the engine.

Security for your car

Unlocking and locking the car’s doors is very convenient, but Keyless Go houses an alarm that will sound off when someone tries to temper with your vehicle. Multiple sensors installed in the vehicle that are triggered due to movement or vibrations, accomplish this task.

The moment an intrusion is detected, the control module will activate a warning.  As a result the siren will start blaring with flashing lights. Thieves hate alarms, and will flee at the first indication.

Our keyless entry system also comes with a built-in immobilizer, which will completely disable the ignition system. Our also system comes with a car tracker that can be added for a little extra cash. It can track the vehicle’s location using the driver’s smartphone.

Before buying a keyless entry system, here are some questions that you should ask:

Will this system work on all cars?

This is a very important question and you must always ask your sales representative about what other devices or bypasses will be needed for a correct installation of our system.  Our system works on almost all major car brands and models and to find out which, head over to our online store.

What is “rolling codes”?

Rolling code is an encryption technique used in keyless entry systems to prevent unauthorized entry. The system works by changing the code or transmission the key fob sends to the system every time it is used.

The remote fob sends encrypted signals. If the code sent is the same which is matches the receiver, then the system will unlock the doors, and start the car. Fixed codes can easily be recorded by a third party listening in on your transmissions. A system with rolling codes will always send a different transmission than the one sent before, so even if someone recorded these codes, the doors won’t unlock. A keyless entry system makes up for a very successful thief deterrent.


What is up with the remotes?

Button Only Key Fobs

These remotes only have large visible push buttons that give no feedback whether the signals were received or sent. This is pretty confusing sometimes.

LED Key Fobs

This kind shows button pushes using attractive LED lights that are installed in the remote. The fob itself looks pretty attractive and appealing with LED lights.

Can one remote run two different vehicles?

Due to security reasons, our keyless entry system Keyless Go does not support this feature. In simple words your smart key matches your car. This does not mean that it is not possible to do so, above all it is risky.

What is the “car finder”?

The car finder feature comes with the companion smartphone app, Air Start. The feature allows you to use mobile internet and Google Maps to give you an accurate and updated location of your car.

Can I start my car with my smartphone?

Yes you certainly can, and we are glad that you asked. The companion app that comes with our keyless entry system can help you accomplish this and much more.  There are features that will intrigue and amaze you, like the car speed finder option. This feature updates you about the current speed and heading direction of your vehicle.

What is range of the key fob?

Range varies with systems. Our Air start smartphone app will allow the driver to use a smartphone as a remote remote and can display a variety of information about your vehicle such as lock/unlock status, vehicle speed and location. With this feature you don’t have to worry about range as it uses mobile internet to communicate with your vehicle. You can start your car from the comfort of your home or office.


Most owners prefer to install keyless entry systems themselves, but our company does not recommend this and we believe that to get Keyless Go installed at one our authorized dealership or service center is the best idea. Newer vehicles and their electronics have become infinitely more complex and by installing the system you may do costly damage.  Trust our certified technicians with years of experience to work on your car.

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