How Does a Push-Button Start System Work?

For most drivers out there, starting a car means getting the keys out, inserting it into the ignition and turning it. If you have a push button start system, that means you can skip all these steps and press a button with “Engine start/stop” on it, and the engine comes to life.  Seems simple enough right? Well at the surface it seems simple, but these systems are pretty complicated.

The purpose of a push-button start system

If I were to ask you what the purpose of this system is, you would most definitely reply that it is for the driver’s convenience. This is partially correct. It is true that a push button start system was built for the user’s convenience, and that’s exactly how companies advertise them. What they are really designed for is preventing car theft.

It is hard for thieves to steal your car if there is no mechanical key to crank the engine. With a push button start system, you don’t need a traditional key to start the vehicle; you need a remote or a key fob. The key fob doesn’t need to be taken out, it can stay safely in your pocket or hand bag. The onboard control module recognizes the signal sent by the fob and unlocks the doors when you get near to the vehicle. Once inside the car you can start the engine at the push of a button.

There are security safeguards in place that insure that only the correct key fob can unlock the car and start the engine. This means that another driver or someone trying to steal your vehicle will not be able to get in and start the engine.

How does a push-button start system work?

The really interesting feature behind the push button start system is the key fob, also known as a SmartKey.  It is also the most important part of the system. The only big difference between a traditional keyed ignition and a push button start system is that you don’t need the key to shut down the ignition. That is the button’s job. The system has been designed to ensure that only you can start your car and no one else.

Here are some of the interesting features that our push button start system, Keyless Go has:

Auto Lock Feature:

This is a security feature, when you step out of the vehicle and go out of range. The system locks the doors automatically. Not only that our system will shut down the car circuit, disable the ignition and immobilize the vehicle. While in this state the vehicle is not going anywhere.

Auto Window Up-rolling:

The window rolling feature works on basically the same principles. It relies on the key fob’s proximity or nearness to the vehicle. As soon as the driver steps out of the car and goes out of the system’s range, the windows roll up automatically. This will prevent the property inside the car from being stolen. It also makes your life simple and secure, because you can strike “close the vehicle’s windows” off your to-do list.

Push Button Start ensures that you don’t get locked out of your car

Most people are terrified to be locked out of their vehicle, and they have every reason to be afraid. This happens when keys are lost or left inside the car. The biggest advantage of having a push button start system is that you don’t have to hold keys all the time. The key fob rests safely inside your pocket or hand bag. Even if the remote fob’s battery runs out, which will happen eventually, you can simply place it within the sensing area on the windshield and the doors will unlock.

Push button start system makes your car more secure:

Security is the main feature that was kept in mind while designing a system like this. Most people still believe that stealing a vehicle equipped with a push button start system is easier to steal as compared to one with a traditional key. This is not true. If anything, it is harder to steal because of all the security measures in place.

The system uses rolling code or code jumping encryption to communicate with the vehicle. Rolling codes changes the code every single time the key fob sends a signal or code to the control module. If the code matches the one the computer has, then and only then will push button start system unlock the vehicle. Rolling code encryption has an advantage over regular encryption. It never transmits the same code twice, which makes it difficult to record the signal and unlock the vehicle.

Modern cars come with factory installed security and alarm system, but these cannot always be relied upon. Thieves have become more tech savvy and have devised newer ways to steal that shiny new vehicle of yours. The best option for vehicle owners right now is to invest in a good aftermarket push button start system.

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