Keyless Go

Keyless Go

Keyless Go is a system that will fundamentally change how you access and start your vehicle.Built with the latest secure RFID technology and combined with rolling-code encryption, this system will provide the best possible aftermarket vehicle access convenience, security and more.

Air Start:

Air Start is a product that uses mobile internet to control the your car, with the Air Start smartphone app you can control several functions of your car.

By using your smart phone you will have complete access and ignition control over your car without taking out keys and pressing buttons on a remote. Air start is the perfect solution to remote start your car from the comfort of your home or office.

Air start also enables you to track your car. This feature helps you to get the exact and up-to-date location of your vehicle.  Receive alerts when your car reaches a certain speed or enters or leaves a designated area.


  • Works with smart key push start system.
  • Plug and Play easy installation.
  • Operation via Smartphone App.
  • Arm/Lock, Disarm/Unlock, and Car finder.
  • Remote Engine Start, Stop
  • Locate and track the vehicle via Google Maps.
Smartkey Technology

Quick round-up of Keyless Go

KEYLESS GO system uses the latest in RFID technology to achieve keyless entry and engine start function, with many practical functions along with it like remote engine start, automatic window up rolling, anti-theft alarm lights, etc from a distance of at least 50 meters. KEYLESS GO is becoming a popular features in many vehicles with more & more drivers choosing to install it and enjoy safe, stylish, luxurious and upscale drive. Keyless Go is approved by the U.S. Federal FCC, European CE, CNAL and other international and domestic authority certificate in the automotive supplies industry.

Keyless Go comes with a two year warranty for the product.

    • Keyless Entry:Keyless Entry
      Keyless Go automatically unlocks the doors when you approach your car. Now you can say good bye to the traditional unlocking method and choose a more convenient and fashionable way.


    • Push Button Start:Push Button Start
      The mechanism to start the car with push button is easy but has advanced security system, so even if someone gets in the car illegally, he/she can’t start the engine.


    • Remote Engine Start & Stop:Remote Engine Start & Stop
      Keyless Go fob/remote can start the car from a distance of 50 meters, while keeping the car doors locked.


    • Auto Lock:Auto Lock
      This feature will shut car door lock automatically and at the same time, the system will also shut down the car circuit, lock the engine and put the car in immobilizer mode.


    • Auto Window Up-rolling: Auto Window Up-rolling
      Automatically roll the windows after the doors is locked, which can effectively prevent the property inside the car from being stolen and makes your life easier & secure.


    • Auto Car Start:Auto Car Start
      You can use remote start your car from the outside, pre-heat The engine and turn on the air-conditioner.


    • Passive Sensor:Passive Sensor
      The battery never fails because there is a passive sensor chip inside the remote and the car will automatically unlock when you place the remote within the sensing area.


    • Auto Engine On/Off: Auto Engine On/Off
      The passive sensor chip can be used to start and turn off the engine inside the car by placing it at the sensing area, which is convenient and efficient.


    • Additional Features:Smart Key Additional Features This feature can open the trunk, car searching at parking lots, remote lock And unlock functions, illegal door unlock alarm, vibration sensor alarm, etc.


Keyless Go Brochure