Our Team

In any industry the people behind a company are as important as the company itself. We like to think we’ve put together a special team. Our team comprises of a group of highly qualified and expert designers, marketers, and engineers dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. Human resources are the life blood of any company, and we at Delta Smart Innovation believe in taking care of our employees, so that in return they can take better care of our customers.

Our Team’s Objectives are:

  • To safeguard the interests of our members.
  • To play a pivotal role in all policy making process of the Government for the automotive industry of the country.
  • To enable the auto industry in becoming a global player.
  • To provide the members with high quality professional services & create excellent communication among our members.
  • To be the principal source of statistical data on the entire automotive industry of the country.
  • To play our role to foster harmony and accord amongst all our stakeholders.