Chevrolet Keyless entry system for Cruze

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Technical Parameters:

Host System Operating voltage: 12V±3V Quiescent current: ≤20mA Current of shocking sensor: <1mA Output current (Max): Light 5A, Siren 10 A Central locking 10 A Frequency: 433.92MHz

Engine Start system Operating voltage: 12V±3V Quiescent current: ≤20mA Output current (Max): ACC/ON/START 30A

Smart Key System Frequency: 433.92MHz Control Distance: Clearings≥30M Quiescent current: ≤10mA Intelligent Recognition Distance: 1.5M<D<2M Operating voltage: 3V Battery code: CR2032 Li-Battery.

Product Description

Keyless entry, Remote Start, Smart engine start and Window roll-up automatically.

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