HONDA Pilot Dedicated Keyless Smart Start System

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Product Description

Push button start; keyless entry; Remote Start; Window roll-up automatically

Main Functions

  1. Passive Door Locking By simply walking over 1.5 to 2 meters away from your car, doors will automatically lock and ARM the security system.
  2. Unlocks Doors Automatically As you approach your vehicle and arrive in range of 1.5 to 2 meters, the system will automatically identify the driver who has a valid access key and unlock the doors immediately.
  3. Immobilizer Function The PKE system still includes an immobilizer function. It can provide the user with the most comprehensive anti theft protection against vehicle. Once users enter the vehicle and attempt to start it, the device will verify the driver’s access key. If a valid access key is identified, the LED will turn off allowing the driver to start the vehicle. If not, the horn and lights will sound and flash an alarm, and the vehicle engine cannot be started due to the Advance Security Features.
  4. Push Button Engine Start or stop the engine by simply push the start button. Completely abolish the ignition keys. The system will verify if there is legal access key in the car before allowed to start. It can guarantee the safety.
  5. Car Window Close Automatically when you forgot and also the car will be automatically locked by RFID Vehicle Lock System.

Product Features:

  1. Passive keyless Entry
  2. Lock/Unlock Doors Automatically
  3. Immobilizer Function
  4. Engine Push Start Button
  5. Window Close Automatically
  6. Alarms and locks when you walk away from car
  7. Doors Unlock Automatically when you are back
  8. Remote start Car/Engine
  9. Keyless Ignition/ Keyless Go
  10. Compatible with shock sensor
  11. Password keyboard for Emergent Entry and Engine Start (in case of remote battery finish or Radio Frequency interference)
  12. Kill the Engine circuit when in lock/arm status
  13. Remote Trunk Release
  14. Windows Automatically rolling-up when Doors locked
  15. Car Alarm System (anti-theft system)
  16. Car Searching
  17. High-classify safety
  18. Low battery reminder
  19. Nullifies Frequency Jamming Devices

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