Hyundai i30 keyless entry system

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Technical Parameters:

Host System Operating voltage: 12V±3V Quiescent current: ≤20mA Current of shocking sensor: <1mA Output current (Max): Light 5A, Siren 10 A Central locking 10 A Frequency: 433.92MHz

Engine Start system Operating voltage: 12V±3V Quiescent current: ≤20mA Output current (Max): ACC/ON/START 30A

Smart Key System Frequency: 433.92MHz Control Distance: Clearings≥30M Quiescent current: ≤10mA Intelligent Recognition Distance: 1.5M<D<2M Operating voltage: 3V Battery code: CR2032 Li-Battery.

Product Description

Push start button, keyless go, Remote Start, and Window roll-up automatically.


Keyless Entry

Sensitive and accurate sensing:1-Zmeters antennas after installation, when leave of the car for 2 meters it will lock the car automatically, and unlock automatically when close up, may promote the extend products.

Smart Key/Remote Start

Smart Key encryption code with the system to unlock I lock the doors, remote start the engine, alarm start after opening rear function with the system, the system is equipped with two intelligent keys, built-in spare car keys, safety and durability.

Vibration Alarm

The system is equipped with vibration alarm function, when an illegal hit, car alarm , vibration alarm sensitivity can be adjusted freely.

Engine Start Button

Take along smart remote control, shift the gear to “P” position, step on the foot-brake, press the start button once, the red light will be on, the car will start witch car key, control freely, carry out ‘Press-to -go’.

Windows Rolling Up Automatically

When the car owners leave the car, it will enter into arm status, the windows close at the same time it help to avoid property losting and water did when forget to close the widows.

Remote Control to Open Trunk

Smart Key in the vehicle remote control to open the boot for shopping, travel.

Smart Keyless Entry System Detail

  • Smart key keyless go
  • Push button engine start
  • Windows rolling up automatically
  • Remote engine start (20m)
  • Proximity arm disarm control
  • Arms and locks when you walk away from the car
  • Unlocks automatically when you come back
  • Proximity range: 2-3 meters
  • Press-button engine start
  • Built in keyless entry relays on board to install really easy
  • Built in starter disable relay, No relay needed
  • Mini Card-type remote control with LED
  • Compatible with shock sensor
  • Parking lights flash against door open
  • Siren included
  • Car searching
  • Anti-hijack (Programmable: engine kill or not)
  • Central Locking Automation (Brake Driven I ignition safety door lock)
  • Unclosed Door Alert
  • Power I Air compressor Central lock choice
  • LED status indicator
  • 18 months warranty everything through us.

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