Nisan ALTIMA smartkey keyless start

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Smart Keyless Start System ADVANTAGES:

  1. The smart Key system provides a real hands-free keyless operation expertise.
  2. The encrypted communication link between Push-Start module and keyless Entry modules can make sure the vehicle will solely be started with a genuine access key.
  3. Keyless system is additionally designed with dual-relay protection in mind for exceptional safety thought. In an unlikely event of a relay failures, the backup relay can take over and guarantee continuous vehicle operation while not interruption.
  4. The keyless System life is 10 years, and that we provide nice after-sale service (Free installation direction, Free replacements/repairments on faulty things in warranty time, Price Discount For Distributors)

Product Features:

  1. Passive keyless Entry
  2. Lock/Unlock Doors Automatically
  3. Immobilizer Function
  4. Engine Push Start Button
  5. Window Close Automatically
  6. Alarms and locks when you walk away from car
  7. Doors Unlock Automatically when you are back
  8. Remote start Car/Engine
  9. Keyless Ignition/ Keyless Go

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