Smart Cop, the anti-theft system you can count on.

Car Security systems come in many shapes, sizes and with a whole bunch of different features. Some are just alarms that will go off the moments someone tries to open a vehicle’s door or breaks a window. Most of these alarms detect motion or sense vibration on a vehicle’s body and resultantly sound an alarm to alert the driver or just to get attention.

Nevertheless, these alarm systems are only useful if your car is parked in a crowded area. In a secluded or deserted parking spot, there is no one to hear the alarm. Moreover, experienced thieves have found ingenious ways to disable alarm systems.  A simple wire cutter can be used to sever connections to the alarm module and voila, the system is disabled.

Then there are security systems that have keyless entry, a car tracking feature and remote start functionality.  The third kind of security system is very different from all the rest I mentioned above. These security systems neither have an alarm nor support keyless entry. It is called an immobilizer. Smart cop is an immobilizer system and it does just what the name suggests. It immobilizes a vehicle by disabling the ignition and the fuel pump.

Most car owners ask why they need an immobilizer or any vehicle security system for that matter. The answer is very simple, cars are very expensive. Many people invest their savings into buying their favorite Honda or Toyota. Similar to any high priced item or asset, this brings with it the fear of theft.

But car owners are in luck because Smart Cop has the answer to all their security problems.

What is Smart Cop?

Smart Cop is a concealed vehicle anti-theft system, also known as an immobilizer. It works by disabling the modules necessary for starting the engine, such as the ignition system and the fuel pump.   As you can image starting a car without the ignition controls and the fuel pump is extremely difficult.

In short, even if thieves force their way into said vehicle they will not be able to drive off.

How does Smart Cop work?

This kind of systems will not start the engine unless an authorized key or, in case of a keyless entry system, a smart key is present. Without a proper key, the ignition system will not work and furthermore, power to the fuel pump is cut off completely.

In simple words an attempt to start a car without a key will result in complete systems shut down. Forget about thieves trying to hotwire your vehicle that has smart cop installed. We can assure you that any attempts made to bypass the system or rewiring it will result in complete immobilization.

Delta Smart Cop

Smart Cop is small in Size.

When it comes to immobilizer systems, bigger is not always better.  Large and bulky systems cannot be hidden away or concealed. And if these kinds of devices are not concealed, then an experienced car thief can easily open them up and bypass the circuits or reverse them to gain control of the vehicle. Sure, amateur thieves still won’t be able to make sense of anything if they encounter an anti-theft system, but experienced and tech savvy car thieves are another problem entirely. Keeping this in mind, Smart Cop has been created with size as a major factor.  Its compact size enables it to be easily concealed inside a vehicle. Imagine a thief’s frustration and anger when they break in your car and can’t start it, furthermore their day just got a lot worse.

Smart Cop is Silent but effective.

You don’t need an alarm or a central locking system to protect your car. All these systems ever do is just sound an alarm or lock the doors. It is like bells and whistles on a wheel chair. It is unnecessary and a waste of money. These systems can also be disabled easily. Smart Cop is different it is like a ninja, protecting your car silently. This system will not even let you know that it is there. There are no beeps, thuds or clicking sounds. Not even a flashing light on vehicle’s dashboard. It is always there protecting you vehicle.

Smart Cop is compatible with a range of vehicles

Another plus point about this system is that it is compatible with all kinds of vehicles any regardless of the model, make or brand. The only requirement is that it should be equipped with a 12V to 24V DC battery.

Smart Cop is easy to install

Most owners love their cars and want no one messing with them. These people are called ‘do it yourselfers’. We have good news for all these do it yourselfers around the globe, smart cop is very easy to install. It comes with clear and easy to understand instructions and diagrams. The package consists of the device and a couple of wires.

Smart Cop is made of strong materials

Many immobilizer devices boast advanced features and anti-theft security measures, but lack in the most crucial area which is the outer casing.  Without a strong and inaccessible outer casing, the inner circuitry is very easy to get to. A Thief can easily bypass the system or rewire the circuits to activate the ignition and the fuel pump.    This is where Smart Cop is superior to similar systems. One look at it and the buyer assumes that it is delicate and easy to break into, but do not be alarmed. The sturdy materials that go into creating smart cop make it a formidable addition to your vehicle.

If you are looking to buy an anti-theft system for your vehicle we can help. You can visit our online store here, or click here to know more about this device.

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