Smart Key

DELTA Corner Automobile Establishment Company, a leading distributor of genuine automobile parts and services in the MENA and Asia region launch of an advanced and secure Smartkey system for automobiles. Smartkey is an intelligent technology that modernizes a vehicle; offering consumers ultimate convenience, safety, efficiency and upscale drive, this is also the effort to bring the latest technology to common people or small or medium range cars.
DELTA is the flagship company of EBAWA Group of Companies headed by Mr. Ebrahim Abdul Wahid Abdullah Mohammad the Chairman/CEO of the group. Mr. Ebrahim is well supported in this great endurance by Mr. Sultan Ahmed Jahangir – General Manager EBAWA Group of Companies, a man with a keen eye for automobile innovation & discipline quality service to customers. DELTA Corner Automobile Establishment has been the hub of Automobile innovation and quality service since launch in UAE in 1982. Delta has created an impeccable track record of quality services and distribution of quality and warranty spare parts in UAE, Middle East, and Asia & Africa.
Smartkey is manufactured by world renowned Lead tour Auto Accessories Company Ltd. from Shenzhen City of China and is approved by the U.S. Federal FCC, European CE, CNAL and other governing bodies for the automotive supplies industry. Installation is exclusively done by Launch Auto Service; located at in Dubai & Sharjah.


Quick round-up of SMARTKEY

SMARTKEY system uses the latest RFID technology to achieve keyless entry and engine start function, with many practical functions along with it like remote engine start, closing windows automatically, anti-theft alarm lights etc from adistance of at least 50meters. SMARTKEY is becoming a popular features in many vehicles with more & more drivers choosing to install it and enjoy safe, stylish,luxurious upscale drive.Smartkey is approved by the U.S. Federal FCC, European CE,CNAL and other number of international and domestic authority certificate in Automotive supplies industry.Smartkey comes with a two year warranty for the product & installation and tested reports show increased fuel efficiency of upto 10% for an average of every 30,000 km.

  • When you approach your car,with SMARTKEY the doors automatically unlocks. Now you can say goodbye to the traditional unlocking method and choose more convenient , efficient  and fashionable way.
  • SMARTKEY’s mechanism to start the car with push button is easy but has advanced security system, so even if someone gets in the car illegally, he can’t  start the engine.
  • SMARTKEY engine shutdown by just gently pushing the engine off.
  • SMARTKEY will shut car door lock automatically and at the same time, the system will also shut down the car circuit, lock the engine and entire immobilizer mode.
  • SMARTKEY automatically close the windows panel after the doors is locked which can effectively prevent the property inside the car from being stolen and makes your life easier & secure.
  • SMARTKEY can pre-start your car , you can use remote start from outside, pre-heat The engine and turn on the air –conditioner.No need to wait,you can get in and drive away directly.
  • SMARTKEY battery never fails because there is a passive sensor chip inside the remote and the car will automatically unlock when you place the remote within the sensing area.
  • SMARTKEY passive sensor chip can be used to start and turn off the engine inside the car by placing it at the sensing area, which is convenient and efficient.
  • SMARTKEY can remote trunk opening, car searching at parking lots , remote lock And unlock functions, illegal door unlock alarm, vibration sensor alarm ,etc.