Smart Signal TPMS is now available at an amazing price

Promotional offers are amazing; they enable the buyer to get a product at special prices for a limited amount of time. These offers are a sort of celebration for a number of occasions. These occasions can range from new product launches and company celebrations to Christmas and New Year clearance sales.  Regardless of the occasion products available at reduced prices are always a relief for buyers around the world.

In explaining the phenomenon of promotional prices, I digress from the real topic that is our Tire pressure monitoring system available at an amazing price of $192 instead of $272.

What is smart signal TPMS, you ask? I will be happy to explain it to you. Smart Signal is a tire pressure monitoring system, TPMS for short. It is one of those advances in the field of automotive support systems that is a must have for every car owner, regardless of the brand or model. Checking tire air pressure by visual inspection or via air gauge is a thing of the past.

What a tire pressure monitoring system does is that it monitors the air pressure of a vehicle’s tires and displays the readings in real time. The task is accomplished by a group of sophisticated sensors that are either fitted over the tire’s air valves or inside the tires. These sensors measure the air pressure levels and display it on a compact LCD screen fitted on the dashboard.  There is also a smartphone app that comes with Smart Signal TPMS, that basically does the same thing.

The data from the tires is analysed in real time by the onboard control module and visual or audio warnings are generated for abnormal tire pressure, temperature, air leaks, etc.

Smart signal

Here are some of the features of Smart Signal TPMS:

  • It is a fully automatic system.
  • It can be installed in a variety of vehicles starting with 4 tires and up to 22 tires.
  • Sensors are installed either inside the tires or over the air valves.
  • The sensors are very easy to install.
  • In case of the smartphone app, everything is transmitted via Bluetooth 4.0
  • The smartphone app comes free with Smart Signal TPMS.
  • The sensors have a long battery life.

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