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How to use Air Start

Smartphones are awesome; we can use them for a number of things. When used for entertainment purposes, a smartphone will ensure that you never get bored. When used for work, it can help you write articles, learn a language, etc. Smartphones have another use, the one many users don’t know about. It can also be used as a remote control for your car.

When I say ‘remote control,’ don’t think about driving your car with it. By a remote control i mean that it can be used with a keyless entry system, such as Keyless Go, to unlock, lock and remote start your car. Amazing isn’t it?

Keyless Go offers you an option to install the Air Start companion app on your iPhone or android device and enjoy a luxurious and convenient drive.

To understand how Air Start works, the workings of Keyless Go must be explained so that you can have a better idea of the system.  Keyless Go is a keyless entry system. What is that you ask? It is a system that lets you lock and unlock your vehicle without using mechanical keys. You don’t even need to hold the key in your hand. It just needs to be in your pocket, backpack or handbag. And that’s it. These systems were once offered by only luxury brands, such as Mercedes or BMW.  But now it doesn’t matter if you have a Honda, Hyundai or any other car, you can easily get an aftermarket system installed in your vehicle.

You can opt for Air Start when you are getting Keyless Go, it’s up to you entirely.  If you do decide to get Air Start, we can assure you that it will add some very interesting features and boost your vehicle’s security.

Air Start uses mobile internet to communicate with your vehicle and this means that where ever you are, you can remote start your vehicle with a simple touch.

Read on to find out how to use this system on your smartphone:

Get Keyless Go:

To use Air Star, the very first step is to get Keyless Go. The system itself is quite complicated and not something that you can plug in yourself. The hardware needs to be installed by a trained mechanic, and in this case by a Delta Smart Innovation certified service center.   Once connected, the system lets the driver unlock, lock the car by pushing a button on the remote key fob.

The system has a range of convenience and security features that will make your life much easier. For example, when you get near the vehicle, our system automatically unlocks the doors. Once inside push a button to start the engine. Similarly, when the driver exits the car and walks away, the doors are locked and the windows roll up automatically.

The biggest plus point is not wasting time to look for car keys, because the key fob is inside your pocket or handbag.

Install the Air Start App on Your Android Device or iPhone

Air Start needs Keyless Go to work, that’s the way it has been created. After the system has been installed in your vehicle, the next step is to install the smartphone app. This step is fairly easy, because we are usually so attached to our smartphones that we know almost everything about it. I’m not just talking about games and apps, we know how to tweak the screen brightness to get maximum battery life.  Having said this, our smartphone application is very easy to install and simple to use.

Launch the App

Launch the Air Start app, just like you would any other app. Navigate to where the app is on your smartphone, and touch the app icon. The splash screen will show up after a few seconds. When the login screen shows up, enter the id and password that was provided to you. Touch the login button. And you are good to go.

Once successfully logged in, the Air Start dashboard shows up. This interface has all the options to start, lock and unlock your car.

Start the Engine

Our smartphone app allows you to start your vehicle from the comfort of your home or office.  The first step is to make sure that your phone has mobile internet activated on it. This is necessary because Air Start uses mobile internet to communicate with the control module inside your vehicle.

Step 2: Gently touch the circular “Engine Start” button on the interface. Your car will start. For security purposes the doors are kept locked whenever your vehicle is remote started in this way. If not for this security measure, anyone would be able to drive off with your car.

Unlock the car

Using this app you can unlock your car at the simple touch of a button on your smartphone. Navigate to the Air Start dashboard and touch the button labeled “unlock.” All of your vehicle’s doors will unlock, all you need to do now is just pull the door handle and get in.

Lock the car

On the application’s dashboard, touch the button labeled “lock”. And that’s it. The car’s doors will be locked. The feature is especially useful when you forget to lock your car’s doors. There is no need to worry, no matter where you are you can easily lock your vehicle’s doors.

Track the vehicle

Tracking your vehicle was never this easy. Usually tracking systems cannot be accessed by the driver. In the event of theft, the owner had to call the tracker company and they located the car. Air Start has made this much easier by including an option to track the car on the app’s dashboard.

Are you looking to install a keyless entry system? You can find out more about Keyless Go here or click here to visit our online store.  For more information contact us on 800 DELTA (33582).

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Why do you need a keyless entry system for your car?

Keys are really useful things; we use them to open doors, locks, drawers, start our cars and much more. Up to the point you lose your keys. It is really frustrating when you have to go somewhere and can’t find your car keys. I don’t know about you but it happens to me most of the time and it has probably happened to you too.

A keyless entry system, for your car, is amazing. You won’t need old fashioned car keys to lock unlock or start your car. All you‘ll need is a Keyless entry fob, in your pocket or purse, and your car doors will open automatically; you can start your car by just pressing a button, instead of turning a key in the ignition.

Keyless entry systems can make your life easy. If you’ve used traditional car keys, then it will be a positive change for you.

Here are some reasons why you need a keyless entry system:

Do you keep losing your car keys?

Everyone loses keys at some point, from house, drawer, cupboard and locker keys to car keys. Most keys can be easily replaced and are of little consequence. Car keys are an exception, losing those will lead to you being stuck outside your car. With this system, such as Delta Keyless Go, you don’t have to worry about that as the key fob is in your pocket or purse.

Air Start, can be installed on your smartphone. It is a valuable feature that can be added to Keyless Go. Air Start uses mobile internet, such as 3g or 4g, to control your car. This will give you complete access and ignition control over your car without taking out your keys.

Keyless Go and Air Start make your car secure

A keyless entry system actually makes your car harder to steal. Keyless Go uses top-of-the-line technology and makes unauthorized entry extremely difficult. What it means, is that no one can use just any remote starter to open your vehicle’s doors or start its engine.

When you exit your car, the doors lock automatically, the windows rollup and Keyless Go shuts down the car circuit, kills the engine and immobilizes the car. Paired with Air Start, it can track your car using Google maps. Delta Keyless Go makes your car more secure.

When you fear the remote/fob’s battery will run out

Most keyless entry fobs run out battery, locking out the driver. Delta Keyless Go is an exception. There is a passive sensor built into the device/fob and the car will automatically unlock when you place the remote within the sensing area on the windshield.

We at Delta Smart Innovation are experts in this field. Our quality control experts ensure that you get only high quality products. Another added benefit is that our prices are affordable. You’ll be getting high quality products and saving money at the same time. To know more about Keyless Go and Air Start click here. To get Delta Keyless Go, visit our online store.

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4 Mistakes People Make When Buying A Remote Car Starter.

A remote car starter can prove to be one of the best additions that you can make to your car. But purchasing one can be really confusing. The purpose of this article is to help you avoid common mistakes that people make when buying a remote car starter.

1. Not getting a remote starter with the proper features.

Remote car starters offer a lot of convenient options. But you have to ask the right questions when buying one. Many remote starters are exactly what they advertise: remote car starters. They just start and stop the vehicle remotely, and that’s it. Delta Smart Innovation’s Keyless Go has multiple functions ranging from keyless entry and remote engine start to Auto Window Up rolling and push button start.
You can pair Keyless Go with Air Start and control your car with your smartphone. It uses mobile internet to control your vehicle. Your will have complete access and ignition control over your car. Air start is the perfect solution to remote start your vehicle from the comfort of your home or office. You can even track your car using Google maps.

2. Buying a remote starter without a keyless entry feature.

A common mistake is not buying a remote starter with a keyless entry feature. This means that with this kind of remote starter you would have to use the old fashioned key to unlock your car. The solution to this is to choose a remote starter that has a keyless entry feature like Delta Smart Innovation’s Keyless Go (Smart Key). Keyless Go automatically unlocks the doors when you approach your car.

3. Buying a Low quality remote car starter.

You can buy a remote car starter anywhere these days, from a hardware store or car parts store. Most come with an instructional booklet or DVD that claims that you can easily install it yourself. You should never do this.
These remote starters are usually of lower quality than the systems that you would buy at a specialty manufacturer and retailer like Delta Smart Innovation. Choosing an inferior product will create all kinds of headaches for you over time.

4. Buying A Remote Starter From One Place And Getting It Installed At Another

Under no circumstances should you do this. You should always have your starter installed at the very same place that you bought it. Our remote car starter, Keyless Go must be installed by a professional at one of our certified labs. Why risk installing it yourself or at a third party shop, when you can get it installed at a Delta Smart Innovation authorized lab.

Keyless Go can be a very useful addition to your vehicle. Use the information in this article and you will surely make the right decision. Get Keyless Go, click here

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What is Remote Start, Keyless Go

What is a Remote Starter (Keyless Go)? And why you should get one?

A remote starter (Keyless Go) is a remote control for a keyless entry system that is built into the ignition key. All the doors of a car can be unlocked by pressing a single button. Another button starts the engine. Keyless Go, unlocks a vehicle without using a traditional car key.

Here are a few reasons why you should install a remote starter:

Auto Lock/Unlock:

Remote starters automatically unlock the doors when you approach your car or lock them when you exit. Now you can say good bye to the traditional unlocking method and choose a more convenient way.

Remotely turn on the air conditioning/heater:

Depending on where you live, this could be one of the best reasons to buy and install a remote start system-Keyless Go- in your car. In the summers your car can get really hot. While you’re at work or home all day, your car has been baking in the sun. On the other hand, if its winter where you live, your car will be freezing cold. With a remote starter system (Keyless Go), you can turn on the heater or air conditioning before you get into your vehicle. Convenient, isn’t it?

Warm Up your Engine:

A lot of car mechanics will tell you that it’s always better to drive away with an engine that has been warming up for a few minutes rather than driving away after starting an engine. Using a remote starter, you don’t have to worry. You can start your engine before you get to your car by using the Air Start smartphone app or a remote starter device.


A remote starter actually makes your car harder to steal. Keyless Go uses top-of-the-line technology and makes unauthorized entry extremely difficult. What it means, is that no one can use just any remote starter to open your vehicle’s doors or start its engine.

Are you looking to install a remote starter system? We have the best remote starter system, Keyless Go. Contact us at 800 DELTA (33582) or visit our online store.

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The Advantages & Features of Smart Key

These days, car keys can do a lot more than just lock and unlock doors or start the engine. Using smart key systems like the Delta Smart Key, the driver only needs to walk up to the car and the doors will unlock automatically. When he or she sits inside, they press an “engine start” button to start the car without physically turning a key. As long as the driver has the smart key somewhere in the vehicle, in his or her pocket or purse, the engine will start.

Smart Key

Smart Key is becoming a popular feature in many vehicles as more and more drivers are choosing to install it and enjoy a safe, stylish, luxurious and upscale drive. Smart Key uses the latest in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to achieve key-less entry. Smart Key uses rolling codes, which makes unauthorized entry extremely difficult. An on-board computer in the vehicle recognizes the rolling code transmitted by the Smart Key, and verifies it before starting the engine. This is necessary to ward off car thieves who want to exploit this technology. In layman terms it means that no one can use just any smart key to open your vehicle’s doors or start its engine. Your Smart Key matches your car.

Find out more about Smart Key

Here are some features that make Smart Key stand out:

Keyless Entry:

Smart Key automatically unlocks the doors when you approach your car. Now you can say good bye to the traditional unlocking method and choose a more convenient and fashionable way.

Push Button Start:

The mechanism to start the car with push button is easy but has an advanced security system, so even if someone gets in the car illegally, he or she can’t start the engine.

Remote Engine Start & Stop:

Smart Key fob can start the car from a distance of 50 meters, while keeping the car doors locked. Now there is no need to wait, you can get in your car and drive away directly.

Auto Lock:

The car doors will lock automatically and at the same time, the system will also shut down the car circuit, lock the engine and put the car in immobilizer mode.

Auto Window Up rolling:

Automatically rolls up the car windows after the doors are locked, which can effectively prevent the property inside the car from being stolen and makes your life easier and secure.

Auto Car Start:

You can remote start your car from the outside, pre-heat the engine and turn on the air–conditioner. No need to wait, you can get in and drive away directly.

Passive Sensor:

The battery never fails because there is a passive sensor chip inside the remote and the car will automatically unlock when you place the remote within the sensing area.

Auto Engine On/Off:

The passive sensor chip can be used to start and turn off the engine inside the car by placing it on the sensing area, This is convenient and efficient when you’re in a hurry.

Additional Features:

This feature can open and close the trunk, locate your car at parking lots, remote lock And unlock functions, illegal door unlock alarm, vibration sensor alarm, etc.

To sum it all up, Delta Smart Key can definitely make your car rides more comfortable, safe and efficient.

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