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An Introduction to the different types of Car Anti-Theft Systems

Cars are expensive items and probably one of the most stolen possessions around the world. If you think about it, you realize that it’s possible. Stolen cars are either sold as a whole or piece by piece. Sometimes stripping the car and selling individual pieces is more profitable and somewhat untraceable.

In case of car theft the best bet is good old common sense, but there are no guarantees you’re your car won’t be stolen even if you have a really good car anti-theft system. However, this is no reason to do something drastic like locking away your car in a storage unit or garage. Instead you should think about investing in a car anti-theft device.

Kill switch:

Kill switches work by disabling the vehicle’s electrical system that powers the ignition and other things crucial for startup. Many modern models are factory fitted with kill switches. But even if you don’t have this kind of car anti-theft system you can easily buy an aftermarket system and have it installed by an expert. I recommend hiring an expert because they know what they are doing, and you might mess up the electrical system if you try doing it yourself.

Steering-wheel lock:

This car anti-theft system comprises a solid hardened steel bar with a lock that is fitted over the steering wheel of a vehicle rendering it immovable. This device is actually quite effective.  I’d recommend getting a high quality steering lock as they are difficult to cut or tamper with.

Chassis Number Branding:

A chassis number is a unique serial number allotted by auto companies to their vehicles for identification purposes.  This number can be found anywhere from the under the vehicle’s bonnet to the dashboard or on individual parts.    You can brand or etch your chassis number on important parts of the vehicle, such as windshield, battery, etc. This ensures that thieves cannot sell off individual parts of your vehicle.

Etching chassis numbers can either done by a professional or you can try it yourself by using easily available DIY kits.

Car Alarms:

Alarms in general are effective theft deterrents and also double as car anti-theft systems. They are good at attracting attention, be it a vehicle or a building. Car alarms are connected to a vehicle’s battery and have a couple of sensors, ranging from vibration to proximity that detect movement and sound the alarm when someone tries to tamper with the vehicle. Car alarms have a major vulnerability that is they can be disabled. Tech savvy thieves know what they are doing and have ways to disable and bypass the system.  To prevent this from happening install a backup battery so that even if thieves cut the wires the alarm won’t be disabled.

Central Locking Systems

Central locking system is an electronic lock for a vehicle. The system grants access to the vehicle’s doors. The system only grants access to the authorized person(s) that have a remote. The remote uses radio waves to lock and unlock the doors.

Central locking systems offer the comfort and convenience of gaining access to the car with a remote, while acting as a car anti-theft system. Because a physical key is not turned in a lock, the locks cannot be picked. Also there is no contact between key and vehicle as the system operates using radio waves.

Tire Locks:

Tire locks are similar to those heavy locks that police and other law enforcement agencies use to keep vehicles immobile. A heavy cup or disk covers the outside of the tire and prevent it from moving.  These devices may not be the best option if you drive your car on a regular basis. Tire locks are visible but very sturdy and hard to crack.

Gear Shift Lock

Gear shift locks work by mechanically disabling the lever that is used to shift gears on a vehicle. The car anti-theft device locks the gear shift lever in the park or neutral position. The device is similar to a steering wheel lock but smaller in size. This is a primitive form of car anti-theft system that is quite effective but only solves a part of the problem.

Immobilizer systems

An engine immobilizer is perhaps the best and most state of art car anti-theft system on the market. The system disables engine startup if an unauthorized key is used. When the user inserts a key, with the transponder or tracker, into the ignition it transmits a code to the immobilizer device. If the code matches the one stored in the immobilizer then the engine will start.  Immobilizer systems such as our very own device, Smart Cop also give protection against hotwiring. Hotwiring is the act when someone tries to start the vehicle by connecting or shorting out respective wires under the steering wheel.

Vehicle tracking system:

Vehicle trackers track the movements and location of a car and either informs the owner, in case of tracking companies, or some systems let the owner monitor the vehicle using their PCs or smartphones. The most famous tracker is LoJack. The services they provide are top notch but take a toll on your wallet. There are other cheaper alternatives. Air Start is one of these affordable car anti-theft systems that let you track your car using your smartphone via Google Maps.

Are you looking for a car anti-theft system for your vehicle? We have the best remote starter system, Keyless Go, with push button start feature and Smart Cop our immobilizer system. Contact us at 800 DELTA (33582) or visit our online store here. If you have questions about Smart Cop, contact us.

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Why choose a car anti-theft system?

Chances are that by the time you finish reading this, someone’s car has been stolen. This is not an exaggeration. Car theft has become very common, with thieves using technology to their benefit. While there is no guarantees that your vehicle won’t be stolen, there are some steps that you can take to make it more secure, and harder to steal. Installing a car anti-theft system is one of these steps.

Car anti-theft systems come in many shapes and sizes, from alarm systems to vehicle immobilizers. Alarm systems are good for attracting attention, but are useless in crowded areas and can be easily disabled. Then there are central locking systems, which are similar to keyless entry systems.

By far, the most effective car anti-theft system is the immobilizer.  An immobilizer is an electronic lock device which prevents the engine from starting if an incorrect key is used.

A basic understanding of this system is that a vehicle’s engine has different parts or modules which need to be activated in order to start, the immobilizer cuts power to these system. Without power these systems will not function and the car won’t start. I won’t explain, at length, how the system works because that would make it easier for car thieves to disable it or hack it.

Vehicle owners need not worry because Smart Key has the answer to their problems. Enter, Smart Cop, our car anti-theft system.

It is easy to conceal inside a vehicle.

When it comes to getting this kind of system for your vehicle, a bigger device is not always a good idea. This is one of those situations when bigger is not always better. The reason behind this is that a bigger system is easy to locate and disable. Bigger devices don’t conceal very well and this is where the main problem arises.  A more experienced thief can easily open up a large and bulky device, and easily bypass the circuits, gaining control of the vehicle.

Smart Cop is small in size and because of this it can be concealed very easily inside your car.

It makes no noise.

A good car anti-theft system won’t even let you know that it is doing its job. It is silent. An alarm system, as the name suggests, is useful when someone tries to mess with or enter your car. A central locking system on the other hand locks the vehicle’s doors, but it is useless if the thieves break inside you precious corolla. Both of these systems are unnecessary if you have an immobilizer or a car anti-theft system. The system makes no beeps, thuds, horn or any clicking sounds.

The system is always present, always working to protect your car against the most experienced of car thieves.

Compatible with all kinds of vehicles

I can understand the frustration when you buy an aftermarket system and it does not fit inside your car, all that money is going to be wasted. Being able to fit easily is the biggest reason behind smart cop’s universal compatibility.

Our system is unique because it can work just as easily on a motor cycle as it can on a car or even a truck. It is compatible with a range of different vehicles. Most systems are only compatible with certain brands. Smart Cop can easily be installed in any kind of vehicle, the only requirement being that the vehicle should be equipped with a 12V to 24V DC battery.

Smart Cop is made of strong materials

The outer casing is perhaps the most important point to keep in mind before buying an immobilizer. The outer shell is the first layer of security and if this fails, the system is fairly easy to disable.  Many car anti-theft systems boast advanced features and anti-theft security measures, but lack in the most crucial area which is the outer casing.  Without a strong and inaccessible outer casing, the inner circuitry is very easy to get to. This is where Smart Cop is superior to similar systems.  At a glance smart cop looks like any ordinary system, but it is so much more than that.

If you are looking to buy an anti-theft system for your vehicle we can help. You can visit our online store here, or click here to know more about this device.

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