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Why choose a car anti-theft system?

Chances are that by the time you finish reading this, someone’s car has been stolen. This is not an exaggeration. Car theft has become very common, with thieves using technology to their benefit. While there is no guarantees that your vehicle won’t be stolen, there are some steps that you can take to make it more secure, and harder to steal. Installing a car anti-theft system is one of these steps.

Car anti-theft systems come in many shapes and sizes, from alarm systems to vehicle immobilizers. Alarm systems are good for attracting attention, but are useless in crowded areas and can be easily disabled. Then there are central locking systems, which are similar to keyless entry systems.

By far, the most effective car anti-theft system is the immobilizer.  An immobilizer is an electronic lock device which prevents the engine from starting if an incorrect key is used.

A basic understanding of this system is that a vehicle’s engine has different parts or modules which need to be activated in order to start, the immobilizer cuts power to these system. Without power these systems will not function and the car won’t start. I won’t explain, at length, how the system works because that would make it easier for car thieves to disable it or hack it.

Vehicle owners need not worry because Smart Key has the answer to their problems. Enter, Smart Cop, our car anti-theft system.

It is easy to conceal inside a vehicle.

When it comes to getting this kind of system for your vehicle, a bigger device is not always a good idea. This is one of those situations when bigger is not always better. The reason behind this is that a bigger system is easy to locate and disable. Bigger devices don’t conceal very well and this is where the main problem arises.  A more experienced thief can easily open up a large and bulky device, and easily bypass the circuits, gaining control of the vehicle.

Smart Cop is small in size and because of this it can be concealed very easily inside your car.

It makes no noise.

A good car anti-theft system won’t even let you know that it is doing its job. It is silent. An alarm system, as the name suggests, is useful when someone tries to mess with or enter your car. A central locking system on the other hand locks the vehicle’s doors, but it is useless if the thieves break inside you precious corolla. Both of these systems are unnecessary if you have an immobilizer or a car anti-theft system. The system makes no beeps, thuds, horn or any clicking sounds.

The system is always present, always working to protect your car against the most experienced of car thieves.

Compatible with all kinds of vehicles

I can understand the frustration when you buy an aftermarket system and it does not fit inside your car, all that money is going to be wasted. Being able to fit easily is the biggest reason behind smart cop’s universal compatibility.

Our system is unique because it can work just as easily on a motor cycle as it can on a car or even a truck. It is compatible with a range of different vehicles. Most systems are only compatible with certain brands. Smart Cop can easily be installed in any kind of vehicle, the only requirement being that the vehicle should be equipped with a 12V to 24V DC battery.

Smart Cop is made of strong materials

The outer casing is perhaps the most important point to keep in mind before buying an immobilizer. The outer shell is the first layer of security and if this fails, the system is fairly easy to disable.  Many car anti-theft systems boast advanced features and anti-theft security measures, but lack in the most crucial area which is the outer casing.  Without a strong and inaccessible outer casing, the inner circuitry is very easy to get to. This is where Smart Cop is superior to similar systems.  At a glance smart cop looks like any ordinary system, but it is so much more than that.

If you are looking to buy an anti-theft system for your vehicle we can help. You can visit our online store here, or click here to know more about this device.

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Benefits of a Car Tracking System

A car tracking system normally comprises of a GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking device, or tracker for short, wired inside a vehicle along with a control module and software to monitor the car. The system works by tracking the car using satellites that give a vehicle’s speed, position and heading.

Most car tracking systems only track the vehicle’s position or location; this data can be only viewed by the tracking company. Our car tracking system, Air Start works with Keyless Go. Air start is the companion smart phone app that displays the vehicle’s current location, speed and much more. It tracks it using Google Maps. The first impression that most people have of car tracking systems is something that aids in finding a stolen vehicle.

Air Start is much more than that. This system uses Google maps to provide information about your car’s location in real-time.

Here are the benefits of getting a car tracking system.

  • Track your car

Tracking companies usually don’t let the driver or owner track their vehicles, instead they have technicians monitoring the car’s movements. Some trackers don’t start tracking your vehicle unless it is reported stolen by the owner. This presents a problem because most owners don’t find out that their car’s missing until it is too late. It’s not like the thief’s going to tell you after stealing your vehicle.

Newer smartphone car tracking systems are revolutionary. These systems let you track your car with your smartphone.  Now there is no need to wait for a technician to tell you that your vehicle’s been stolen. You can track your it yourself, with something that is with you all the time. A smartphone car tracking system is simplicity itself; it is usually an added feature in a keyless entry system such as Keyless Go.  The system is user friendly; it is an innovative feature and makes the user feel that they are in control, instead of some technician.

Air Start uses only the latest and sophisticated GPS technology along with Google maps to provide information about your car in real-time. This means that you can know the location of your vehicle at all times.

  • Finding the position of a stolen vehicle

This exactly what a tracking system is for. Let’s assume for just a moment that you have a Mercedes Benz and you park it in a well-lit and busy parking spot. Imagine that your shiny new car was stolen and you want to know its position so you can alert the police. This is where a car tracking system comes in and saves the day. Modern trackers use GPS satellites to track a vehicle’s location, speed and direction. From this data they are able to draw a very accurate picture of where your car is, its speed and direction of travel.

Our car tracking system, Air Start makes the process even easier by displaying the information mentioned above on your smartphone. You won’t have to call the tracker company every time you want to know your car’s location. Simply turn on the Air Start app and take a deep breath.

  • Prevent your car from being stolen.

This system prevents your car from being stolen. It is one of many ways you can mess up a thief’s day. Studies show that thieves are less likely to steal a car if there is any indication that is has a car tracking system installed. Even if a car thief is stupid enough to steal a vehicle with a tracker, as amateurs are. They won’t be able to go very far. Why? And you need to pay attention to this, Because Air Start has a built in alarm system that alerts the owner.

  • Monitor vehicle speed

Modern trackers, such as Air Start, let you monitor your vehicle’s speed current speed. It uses mobile internet to send all the information to a smartphone. This is a great tool for parents that want to keep an eye on their teenagers.

Air Start smartphone app is easy to use, the only requirement is that it requires Keyless Go to work. The experts at Delta Smart Key make sure that our products go through the proper quality control checks, so that you only get the quality products. You can take a look at our car tracking system Air Start, Here. For more information on Air Start contact us on 800 DELTA (33582).

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