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Smart Cop vehicle security system, the right choice

Most cars are equipped with fancy security systems these days, but assuring security for our vehicles is one heck of a job for the common car or motorbike owner. There are scores of vehicle security systems available but not all of them work.

The most common vehicle security systems are simple electronic devices that pick up vibrations or other activity on the outside of your car, and if someone tries to mess with it, sound an alarm to alert the owner. While these devices or systems are useful if your car is parked in crowded areas, but utterly useless when you’ve parked your car or motorcycle in a secluded area.

The biggest problem with these alarm/security systems is that they are super easy to disable. Thieves equipped with a simple wire cutter can easily steal your car. Cutting power to the alarm system results in restoring power to the ignition and voilà, the so-called vehicle security system is disabled. You can kiss your expensive car goodbye.

Behold, Delta Smart Cop a state-of-the-art anti-theft system. Smart Cop is an immobilizer, which is essentially an electronic security device fitted into your car that prevents the engine from running unless the correct key is present. Smart Cop vehicle security system works by disabling parts of your car that are crucial for startup, like the ignition system. While the ignition system is shut down, hot wiring a car or starting the engine without a key is extremely difficult.

Smart Cop’s small size enables it to be concealed inside your vehicle. We have some good news for all you ‘do it yourself (DIY)’ enthusiasts out there, Smart Cop is very easy to install.

For more information on Smart Cop, click here or visit the online store.

2016-01-06 12:29:30