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Delta Smart Innovation General Trading

Garment Manufacturing, a part of Delta Smart Innovation General Trading, counts ourselves lucky to be manufacturing garments of all types for different age groups. We believe in delivering quality products to our customers.

Our Mission

We manufacture fine garments that set us apart from our competitors. It is due to dedication to work and attention to detail. Delta Smart Innovation General Trading uses highly specialized machines and equipment to manufacture well-constructed and high quality garments. Top quality products are one of our highest priorities. Our experience in the industry, allows us to manufacture garments that will please customers.
Our factory keeps up with the latest technology in garments production and we have specialists monitoring every division of the garment factory at every stage. Our quality control systems are top notch and the manufactured garments are checked for measurement, fitting and proper finishing.

Our Passion:

clothing production

It is our passion to produce fashionable garments. We simply love to manufacture high-quality, high value, fashionable and trendy garments and apparels. At Delta General Trading LLC particular attention is given to acquiring the best fabrics, which makes our end products very desirable among people from all walks of life.

Ready-made garments have become the norm, people want to wear what they buy directly, and this is why this division is very popular with customers, because of the high quality and low cost. Our range includes Men’s, Ladies & Kids garments of every kind. We want the best for our customers and this is why we do not accept defective and / or low quality materials.

The process starts in the Cutting division, employing skilled personnel and highly advanced cutting machines. Once the fabrics are cut to precision, they are handed over to the Sewing unit wherein a variety of stitching techniques are executed by our dexterous craftsmen.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is a concept that that requires an organization or an individual to act for the benefit of society at large. Our garment manufacturing factories are socially and ethically responsible.

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