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Why use a Keyless Entry system for your Car

Did you ever wish that there was a system for your vehicle due to which you did not have to use cumbersome and old car keys?  Well, you don’t need to worry anymore, because there is a system that will solve this problem. Like always, technology has an answer for it. It is known as a keyless entry system. Without going into the complicated details, a keyless entry system is one of those really convenient devices that will make your life easier.

What is keyless entry?

Before delving into what a keyless entry system is, it is necessary to explain first what keyless entry is. Keyless entry is a way to gain access to a car without using a mechanical or ordinary key. It was initially offered by luxury car brands such as Mercedes Benz and BMW, but instantly gained popularity because of its convenience. Keyless entry enables the driver to lock and unlock the vehicle’s doors by pressing a button on a remote, also known as a key fob. Most systems offer a remote engine start feature as well.

What is Passive Keyless Entry (PKE)?   

Passive Keyless Entry takes comfort and convenience to a whole new level. Passive keyless entry systems allow the driver to unlock and lock the car not by pressing buttons on a remote, but simply by approaching the vehicle.  The user does not even need to take the key fob out of their pocket or bag. Systems like these are commonly known by the name smart key; however manufacturers prefer to give the system their unique names.

How does a Passive Keyless Entry system work?

When the driver approaches the vehicle, the key fob is recognized or picked up by antennas installed inside the body. Detection is accomplished by a small Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip inside the key fob. Users have two options, either hold the key fob in their hand or keep it in their pockets or a handbag.  Keeping the key fob in your pocket or handbag makes it less likely to be lost. The doors are unlocked by pulling the handle.

Upon exiting the vehicle and walking away the doors are locked automatically when the driver walks out of range. This is very useful because sometimes drivers forget to lock the vehicle’s doors and this can lead to the property inside being stolen. The convenience is not just limited to locking and unlocking the doors, it also continues inside the car. The engine can be started by pushing a button on the dashboard or below the steering wheel.  All of this is accomplished without touching a key.

Keyless entry system is a ‘must have’ if you keep losing your keys.

Keys are hard to keep track of. Losing your car keys means that you are locked out of your vehicle.  And when you are locked out of your vehicle that means you are going to be late for something. And everyone knows the embarrassment that comes with being late. Being late too often will label even an otherwise punctual person as lazy and irresponsible. To avoid all this it is best that you invest in a keyless entry system. It will eliminate the traditional car key altogether because with a keyless entry system installed in your car, there is no need for it anyways. Forget the times when you had to look for your keys and had to go through the frustration of finding them in the most unlikely of places. If you keep losing your car keys then a reliable keyless entry system is the best option for you.

Keyless Go

Get easy access to your car.

A keyless entry system grants the driver easy access to their car. These systems were created with a focus on convenience for the user. Combine that with the ability to unlock, lock and start the vehicle’s engine at the push of a button, and you’ve got a touch of luxury and class.

It is not about being lazy, what it’s really about is gaining easy access to a car. There is no longer the requirement to take out the keys and turn them in the ignition to start the engine. Another plus point is that due to the remote fob being tucked away safely in your pocket or bag, the chances of losing the key have been greatly reduced.


A keyless entry system boosts the security of an ordinary vehicle. There are various antennas, the exact number varies with different brands, installed around the car’s body that detect the key fob. This means that the system will easily detect the signal from the remote fob and the doors are unlocked as the driver approaches the vehicle. In the event that the key fob runs out of battery or the antennae malfunction, there is always a backup. For example the Keyless Go fob has a passive sensor inside it, and when it is placed within the sensing area on the windshield the doors will unlock automatically.

Keyless entry systems, like Keyless Go use rolling code encryption.  All the signals sent by the key fob are encrypted and are changed constantly.  This type of encryption ensures that the same kind of signal is not transmitted twice. The advantage that this provides is that it successfully deters thieves that are trying to record or duplicate the signal and use it to unlock the car.

Even if the thieves break into the car they will not be able to start the engine. Hotwiring the vehicle is also out of the question, as this will make things worse.

If you are looking to buy a keyless entry system for your vehicle, then you should definitely check out Keyless Go. For More information about this system click here, or visit our online store

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Why do you need to Invest in a keyless entry system right now?

Car thieves are becoming more and more tech savvy. Even amateur thieves are now equipped with the knowledge and the technology to crack central locking systems. They have devised new ways to commit car theft; and this is exactly why you need to invest in a reliable keyless entry system.

Right now most of you are probably thinking, “I will be fine, my car has a central locking system and an alarm.” You are wrong. While it is true that alarms and central locking systems are great deterrents for car thieves, these systems also have certain weaknesses that will leave your car vulnerable.

A keyless entry system does exactly what the name suggests. It allows you to unlock, lock and start your car without using a mechanical key. The driver can either hold the keyless entry fob (also known as a smart key) in their hand or keep it in a handbag. When the driver approaches the car, its doors unlock automatically. All that remains is to start the engine which can be done by pushing a button, located on the dashboard. All this is done without even touching the car keys.

A keyless entry system was once an option supported by luxury car makers. Due to advancements in technology, it has now become a ‘must have’ for car owners around the globe. Using a keyless entry system is seen as both a convenience and an impressive safety feature.

A keyless entry system protects your car when it is parked.

Parking in a secluded spot or a shady looking area is out of the question. But cars have been stolen in even posh or the best looking areas.

Most car owners try to find a well-lit area to park their car. This is usually a good idea because these areas are usually crowded and any thief trying to steal your car will certainly attract attention. If are parking your car in a car park, It is even more dangerous. Your vehicle will be in a very secluded spot. It is like gift wrapping it for car thieves.

It is a good idea to invest in a reliable keyless entry system, like Keyless Go. It has rolling code encryption and security measures in place to successfully deter even experienced car thieves. Paired with Air Start smartphone app, it can track your car using Google maps.

Make your car more secure with a keyless entry system

This is the modern era, the time of smart machines. Why should you live like it is the 80’s? Sure, installing a central locking or an alarm system will deter thieves. An alarm system, as the name suggests, sounds an alarm whenever someone tries to force their way into or mess with your car.  But an alarm system doesn’t hold up against more experienced and tech savvy car thieves.

There are other ways of protecting your car than just installing a central locking system and hoping that an experienced car thief doesn’t notice your car. On top of that a central locking system and alarm system can easily be disabled. Even an amateur car thief with wire cutters can disable the system by cutting the power to the control circuit.

The most secure and reliable way to protect your car is to install a keyless entry system.  Keyless Go comes with an array of security features, like rolling codes, auto window up-rolling, Auto door lock, to name just a few.

A keyless entry system is silent, but secure.

When a central locking system or alarm system activates in most cars, you can hear it. The sound it usually makes is a chime, click, etc. Many central locking systems and alarm systems also give a visual signal in the form of flashing the headlights or indicators. Keyless Go is different. It is like a ninja, silent but very effective.

A keyless entry system locks the car for you. When you exit your car and go out of range, with the key fob in your pocket or purse, the system automatically locks the car’s doors.

Keyless entry system is full of security features.

The really interesting thing is that these systems are full of top notch and amazing security systems. Keyless Go utilizes all these systems to effectively protect your car against car thieves.

Push Button Start:

Push a button to start and stop your car’s engine. This feature is the very definition of luxury and convenience. Not only is it convenient, it is very secure, your car won’t start unless an authorized key fob is present.

Auto Lock:

When you exit the car and go out of range, Keyless Go will lock the car’s doors automatically. For added security, the system also immobilizes the car by shutting down the car circuit. While the car is immobilized, it is not going anywhere.

Auto Window Up-rolling:

So you are in a hurry and leave your car’s windows open. They are not going to roll up/close themselves, or will they? Keyless Go can make this possible. The system automatically rolls up the windows after the car’s doors are locked.

Passive Sensor:

Car drivers fear one thing the most, being locked outside their vehicles because they lost their keys or the key fob ran out of battery.  Many people can relate to this because this happens a lot. With our keyless entry system, Keyless Go, drivers will not face this problem. The key fob’s battery lasts long and even when it runs out, there is no need to worry. Simply place the key fob within the sensing area on the windshield, and the doors will unlock.

Our lives have become more and more busy and finding time to look for something as small as car keys has become difficult. A keyless entry system installed on your car is one of those little things that can be a time saver. With a keyless entry system, a driver doesn’t need to worry about losing their car keys or getting locked out of their car.

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4 Mistakes People Make When Buying A Remote Car Starter.

A remote car starter can prove to be one of the best additions that you can make to your car. But purchasing one can be really confusing. The purpose of this article is to help you avoid common mistakes that people make when buying a remote car starter.

1. Not getting a remote starter with the proper features.

Remote car starters offer a lot of convenient options. But you have to ask the right questions when buying one. Many remote starters are exactly what they advertise: remote car starters. They just start and stop the vehicle remotely, and that’s it. Delta Smart Innovation’s Keyless Go has multiple functions ranging from keyless entry and remote engine start to Auto Window Up rolling and push button start.
You can pair Keyless Go with Air Start and control your car with your smartphone. It uses mobile internet to control your vehicle. Your will have complete access and ignition control over your car. Air start is the perfect solution to remote start your vehicle from the comfort of your home or office. You can even track your car using Google maps.

2. Buying a remote starter without a keyless entry feature.

A common mistake is not buying a remote starter with a keyless entry feature. This means that with this kind of remote starter you would have to use the old fashioned key to unlock your car. The solution to this is to choose a remote starter that has a keyless entry feature like Delta Smart Innovation’s Keyless Go (Smart Key). Keyless Go automatically unlocks the doors when you approach your car.

3. Buying a Low quality remote car starter.

You can buy a remote car starter anywhere these days, from a hardware store or car parts store. Most come with an instructional booklet or DVD that claims that you can easily install it yourself. You should never do this.
These remote starters are usually of lower quality than the systems that you would buy at a specialty manufacturer and retailer like Delta Smart Innovation. Choosing an inferior product will create all kinds of headaches for you over time.

4. Buying A Remote Starter From One Place And Getting It Installed At Another

Under no circumstances should you do this. You should always have your starter installed at the very same place that you bought it. Our remote car starter, Keyless Go must be installed by a professional at one of our certified labs. Why risk installing it yourself or at a third party shop, when you can get it installed at a Delta Smart Innovation authorized lab.

Keyless Go can be a very useful addition to your vehicle. Use the information in this article and you will surely make the right decision. Get Keyless Go, click here

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What is Remote Start, Keyless Go

What is a Remote Starter (Keyless Go)? And why you should get one?

A remote starter (Keyless Go) is a remote control for a keyless entry system that is built into the ignition key. All the doors of a car can be unlocked by pressing a single button. Another button starts the engine. Keyless Go, unlocks a vehicle without using a traditional car key.

Here are a few reasons why you should install a remote starter:

Auto Lock/Unlock:

Remote starters automatically unlock the doors when you approach your car or lock them when you exit. Now you can say good bye to the traditional unlocking method and choose a more convenient way.

Remotely turn on the air conditioning/heater:

Depending on where you live, this could be one of the best reasons to buy and install a remote start system-Keyless Go- in your car. In the summers your car can get really hot. While you’re at work or home all day, your car has been baking in the sun. On the other hand, if its winter where you live, your car will be freezing cold. With a remote starter system (Keyless Go), you can turn on the heater or air conditioning before you get into your vehicle. Convenient, isn’t it?

Warm Up your Engine:

A lot of car mechanics will tell you that it’s always better to drive away with an engine that has been warming up for a few minutes rather than driving away after starting an engine. Using a remote starter, you don’t have to worry. You can start your engine before you get to your car by using the Air Start smartphone app or a remote starter device.


A remote starter actually makes your car harder to steal. Keyless Go uses top-of-the-line technology and makes unauthorized entry extremely difficult. What it means, is that no one can use just any remote starter to open your vehicle’s doors or start its engine.

Are you looking to install a remote starter system? We have the best remote starter system, Keyless Go. Contact us at 800 DELTA (33582) or visit our online store.

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