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Investing in Keyless Go will be the best choice you make.

Technology is amazing; it has made our everyday activities easy. In recent years technology has revolutionized the automotive industry. Cars of today are smart, fuel efficient and safer.  But even after the advancements car theft is still a big problem and a constant worry for vehicle owners.

Factory installed security and alarm systems are still quite reliable but thieves have become more tech savvy. They know all the little tips and tricks to easily disable an alarm system.  This is precisely why you should look towards aftermarket systems with hope.

Car thieves are becoming more and more tech savvy. Even amateur thieves are now equipped with the knowledge and the technology to crack central locking systems. They have devised new ways to commit car theft; and this is exactly why you need to invest in a reliable keyless entry system.

Vehicle theft is one of the biggest reasons you should consider investing in Keyless Go. It is a keyless entry system for your car. The system has eliminated the need for a mechanical key. With this system installed in your vehicle, unlocking, locking it and starting the engine is very convenient.  The driver can hold the remote, also known as a key fob, in their hand or store it in a pocket or handbag. There is no need to take it out because the car’s doors will unlock automatically when the driver gets close to the vehicle.

Once inside the vehicle, the driver only needs to push a button, located on the dashboard, to start the engine. The reason keyless entry systems have gained popularity is because of the convenience and that luxury they offer.

Most readers will probably be thinking: “this system is not necessary for my vehicle because I have an alarm system. “ Well, you’re wrong. Alarm and central locking system are affective against amateur thieves, but they don’t stand much of a change against professionals.

Keyless Go is Silent.

Whenever a central locking system or an alarm system is activated, it makes a sound. The sound it usually makes is a chime, click, etc. Many central locking systems and alarm systems also give a visual signal in the form of flashing the headlights or indicators. Keyless Go is different. It is silent but very effective. Most of the time you won’t even know it is there.

A keyless entry system locks the vehicle for you. When you exit your car and go out of range, with the key fob in your pocket or purse, the system automatically locks the car’s doors.

Buy Keyless Go

Keyless Go protects your car, even when it is parked.

Parking a fancy car or even an ordinary car is always risky, because you never know when it might be stolen. Deserted parking spots are another matter entirely; vehicles have even been stolen in posh areas.

It is a good idea to find a well-lit area to park your car. That way it is easier to spot and keep an eye on. This is usually a good idea because these areas are usually crowded and any thief trying to steal your car will certainly attract attention. If are parking your car in a car park, It is even more dangerous. Your vehicle will be in a very secluded spot. It is like gift wrapping it for car thieves.

An even better idea is to install Keyless Go. It has rolling code encryption and security measures in place to successfully deter even the most experienced thieves. Paired with our smartphone app, Air Start, Keyless Go can track your car using Google maps.

Make your car more secure

This is the modern era, the time of smart machines. Why should you live like it is 1984? Sure, installing a central locking or an alarm system will deter thieves. An alarm system, as the name suggests, sounds an alarm whenever someone tries to force their way in or mess with your car.  But an alarm system doesn’t hold up against more experienced and tech savvy car thieves.

There are other ways of protecting your vehicle than just installing a central locking system and hoping that an experienced thief doesn’t notice your car. On top of that a central locking system and alarm system can easily be disabled. Even an amateur car thief with wire cutters can disable the system by cutting the power to the control circuit.

The most secure and reliable way to protect your car is to install our Keyless Go. Our system comes with an array of security features, like rolling code encryption, auto window up-rolling, Auto door lock, to name just a few.

Push a button to start your vehicle:

This feature is simplicity and convenience. Starting a vehicle’s engine has never been simpler than just pressing a button on the dashboard. While providing convenience, the feature also secures your vehicle. The engine will not start unless the correct key fob is present.

Auto Car Lock:

When you exit the vehicle and go out of range, Keyless Go will lock the car’s doors automatically. For added security, the system also immobilizes it by shutting down the car circuit. While immobilized, your vehicle is not going anywhere.

Auto Window Up-rolling:

Most drivers often make the mistake of leaving their car’s windows open when they exit. Keyless Go has a solution for that, after the driver exits the vehicle the system automatically rolls up the windows

You will never be locked out of your vehicle:

Car drivers fear one thing the most, being locked outside their vehicles just because they lost their keys or the key fob ran out of battery.  Many can relate to this scenario because this happens a lot. With Keyless Go, there is no change of this ever occurring. The key fob’s battery lasts long and even when it runs out, there is no need to worry. Simply place the key fob within the sensing area on the windshield, and the doors will unlock.

If you’re looking to install a keyless entry system in your vehicle, we highly recommend Keyless Go. To find out more about it click here.

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