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What you need to know before buying Smart Signal Tire Pressure Monitoring System

A car’s tires are one of its most crucial and important parts. It is the part that comes in direct contact with the road. This is exactly why tires need constant maintenance and this is where a tire pressure monitoring system comes into play.

Smart Signal Tire Pressure Monitoring System is installed inside the tires on different types of vehicles. It reports real-time data about your vehicle’s tires, such as tire pressure and temperature to the driver of the vehicle.

Smart Signal can measure air pressure and temperature starting from 4 tires up to 22 tires.

What kind of Smart Signal TPMS is right for you?

There are two types of Smart Signal TPMS available in the market, Indirect and Direct Tpms. Here is what you need to know about both:

 Indirect TPMS

An Indirect TPMS consists of sensors that fit on a tire’s air valves. The sensors work by calculating the rate of wheel revolutions, the data is sent to an on-board computer in the vehicle to compare the tire size and shape to previous values. Based on the data and readings from the sensors, the system can monitor the tire pressure. The system warns the driver when it detects abnormalities in the tire’s shape.

In layman terms this interprets changes in a tire’s shape and size and attributes it to a loss of pressure due to deflation or punctures.

 Direct TPMS

The direct TPMS is much more complicated, but in a good way. It has high-tech pressure monitor sensors installed in each tire. These sensors measure not only tire pressure but also their temperature. The data is sent to the onboard computer which in turn sends it to an LCD display mounted on the dashboard. It alerts the driver when things are about to go wrong i.e. abnormal tire pressure and temperature. If the tire temperature or pressure becomes too low, a warning light and or an alarm is displayed on the LCD display.

All this data is sent wirelessly. Each sensor has a unique serial number or ID; this is how the system identifies one tire from the other. Smart Signal TPMS also has an android and iPhone app which sends the data directly to the driver’s smartphone.


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