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SmartKey brings advanced technology to ordinary cars

A car key used to be one of the simplest things that a person could own. This is no longer the case. Car keys of today are not that simple piece of steel, that you could get duplicated at your local locksmith or hardware store.

Even the most economical of modern cars come with a keyless entry system and even some models come with a push button starter that puts an electronic “Engine Start/Stop” button on the dashboard.

Hold on tight because we are just getting started. Newer SmartKey systems eliminate keys altogether by giving you smartphone compatibility. Drivers will be able to unlock, lock and yes, start their vehicles with their smartphones.

What is SmartKey?

Smart Key is a passive keyless entry system. The system has a remote/fob with a transmitter and receiver inside that allows keyless entry. In layman terms this means that a SmartKey takes the driver’s comfort to a new level. Lock, unlock and start the vehicle at the push of a button. All the while the key fob or remote is inside your pocket or handbag.

At first glance the Smart Key looks like any other central locking system remote, with lock and unlock buttons on it. But it is so much more than that. The little black remote looks ordinary but it holds pretty sophisticated technology.

How does SmartKey Work?

SmartKey uses radio waves and RFID technology to communicate with the vehicle.  The sensors or antennas located inside the car recognizes the smartkey when the driver gets close, and the doors unlock automatically.

Once inside the car the driver only needs to push the “Engine Start/Stop” button, located on the dashboard to start the vehicle. And that’s it; all that remains now is to drive away.

How secure is SmartKey?

A car with SmartKey has a number of antennas and sensors installed at key points on the body, these receivers are used to detect a signal from the key fob. Even if the SmartKey or the antennas were to fail, there is a backup sensor on the windshield that lets the driver unlock the doors.

SmartKey uses rolling code encryption, which means that instead of using the same signal to communicate with the vehicle, the system transmits an encrypted signal every time the driver unlocks or locks the doors.   This feature makes stealing the car very difficult as the signal cannot be recorded.

A control module is responsible for receiving the signal from the SmartKey fob. This system itself is highly sophisticated.

Here are some of the main features of SmartKey:

Keyless Entry

The biggest benefit and selling point for this system is that it does not need a mechanical key to unlock or lock your car. This can be accomplished by either pressing a button on the remote or just by going near the car.

Car Auto Lock:

SmartKey was created to boost the security features of an ordinary vehicle and this feature does exactly that.  When the driver steps out of the vehicle and goes out of range, the control module locks the doors automatically. Did you think this was going to be that easy? Well you thought wrong. SmartKey disables the ignition and the car circuit. This is known as immobilizing the vehicle. So even if car thieves manage to break into the vehicle, they will not be able to drive off with it.

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Push Button Start:

Once the driver has entered the vehicle, all that they need to do is to push a button to start the engine. The button is usually located on the dashboard near the steering column.

The way to start the vehicle with a push button start is really easy. First of all make sure that your SmartKey is on your person. Compress the brake pedal and press the Engine Start/Stop button.

Auto Window Up-rolling:

The window rolling feature works on basically the same principles. It relies on the key fob’s proximity or nearness to the vehicle. As soon as the driver steps out of the car and goes out of the system’s range, the windows roll up automatically. This will prevent the property inside the car from being stolen. It also makes your life simple and secure, because you can strike “close the vehicle’s windows” off your to-do list.

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SmartKey is the perfect addition to your Toyota Corolla

This is the age of smart devices. Chances are that you know someone that owns a modern Mercedes car with a smart key system. Mercedes has given their smart key the fancy name, Keyless Go. But sadly this system is available only with a Mercedes car. The good news, for all you automotive enthusiasts, is that you can enjoy the very same and improved features on your Toyota Corolla by getting SmartKey.

Just imagine your Toyota Corolla with the same convenient and luxurious features as the German made Mercedes. Some of the amazing features that you can experience with SmartKey are keyless entry, auto lock, push button start and much more. Convenience and luxury await, all you have to do is install SmartKey in your Toyota Corolla and control your car with your fingertips.

Chances are that you may have heard the word smartkey in a TV or Radio advertisement or may have read about it on the internet.  Still many of us wonder what a smartkey really is.

What is Smartkey?

Smartkey is a keyless entry system for cars. It makes locking, unlocking and starting a car’s engine easy and convenient. The best part is that you won’t need a traditional key which is really convenient because it removes the anxiety when car keys are lost. The system uses a wireless remote control, also known as a key fob, to lock and unlock a car from the outside. Smartkey is a great aftermarket addition to your Toyota Corolla.

Here is what you can do with a Smartkey:

Most cars come with factory installed keyless entry systems. But these systems have only the basic functionality. That means they can only lock, unlock the car and start the engine. A smartkey can do so much more. A Toyota Corolla equipped with this system is much more secure and user friendly.

Start the car

With our system installed you just need to get near the vehicle, with the key fob in your pocket or purse and it will unlock. This is made possible by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and rolling code encryption. Smartkey sends a signal to the onboard computer inside the car and it unlocks the doors, after verifying that it is in fact the authorized key. Once inside the vehicle, start the engine simply by pressing the Engine Start/Stop button. Convenient than turning an old fashioned key in the ignition, isn’t it?

Turn off the car

This is accomplished in a similar way. Make sure that your car is in Park mode, in case of an automatic transmission. If your vehicle has a manual transmission, shift it into neutral and press the Engine Start/Stop button. This turns off the vehicle.

Auto Lock:

This is an amazing security feature that comes with smartkey. It is mainly to ward off car thieves and those looking to steal your valuables.  When the driver exits the car and closes the doors the system will lock the doors automatically and at the same time shut down the car circuit, lock the engine and put the car in immobilizer mode. It is simple; your vehicle will not be going anywhere as long as it is immobilized. Did i mention the alarm? Yes there is an alarm system too. If anyone tries to mess with your car, it sounds an alarm.

Auto Window Up-rolling:

So you are in a hurry and you leave your brand new Toyota Corolla’s windows open. Trust me it happens a lot. With smart key you don’t have to worry about leaving your car’s windows open, as soon as you lock the vehicle’s doors, SmartKey automatically rolls up the windows.

The key fob’s battery will never run out:

Almost all car owners are absolutely terrified of being locked out of their cars.  They have every reason to be afraid, keys are lost and keyless entry fobs run out of battery juice. You won’t have to worry about this with our system. There is a little passive sensor inside the Smartkey remote/fob and the car will automatically unlock when you place the remote on the sensing area located on the windscreen.

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