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SmartKey brings advanced technology to ordinary cars

A car key used to be one of the simplest things that a person could own. This is no longer the case. Car keys of today are not that simple piece of steel, that you could get duplicated at your local locksmith or hardware store.

Even the most economical of modern cars come with a keyless entry system and even some models come with a push button starter that puts an electronic “Engine Start/Stop” button on the dashboard.

Hold on tight because we are just getting started. Newer SmartKey systems eliminate keys altogether by giving you smartphone compatibility. Drivers will be able to unlock, lock and yes, start their vehicles with their smartphones.

What is SmartKey?

Smart Key is a passive keyless entry system. The system has a remote/fob with a transmitter and receiver inside that allows keyless entry. In layman terms this means that a SmartKey takes the driver’s comfort to a new level. Lock, unlock and start the vehicle at the push of a button. All the while the key fob or remote is inside your pocket or handbag.

At first glance the Smart Key looks like any other central locking system remote, with lock and unlock buttons on it. But it is so much more than that. The little black remote looks ordinary but it holds pretty sophisticated technology.

How does SmartKey Work?

SmartKey uses radio waves and RFID technology to communicate with the vehicle.  The sensors or antennas located inside the car recognizes the smartkey when the driver gets close, and the doors unlock automatically.

Once inside the car the driver only needs to push the “Engine Start/Stop” button, located on the dashboard to start the vehicle. And that’s it; all that remains now is to drive away.

How secure is SmartKey?

A car with SmartKey has a number of antennas and sensors installed at key points on the body, these receivers are used to detect a signal from the key fob. Even if the SmartKey or the antennas were to fail, there is a backup sensor on the windshield that lets the driver unlock the doors.

SmartKey uses rolling code encryption, which means that instead of using the same signal to communicate with the vehicle, the system transmits an encrypted signal every time the driver unlocks or locks the doors.   This feature makes stealing the car very difficult as the signal cannot be recorded.

A control module is responsible for receiving the signal from the SmartKey fob. This system itself is highly sophisticated.

Here are some of the main features of SmartKey:

Keyless Entry

The biggest benefit and selling point for this system is that it does not need a mechanical key to unlock or lock your car. This can be accomplished by either pressing a button on the remote or just by going near the car.

Car Auto Lock:

SmartKey was created to boost the security features of an ordinary vehicle and this feature does exactly that.  When the driver steps out of the vehicle and goes out of range, the control module locks the doors automatically. Did you think this was going to be that easy? Well you thought wrong. SmartKey disables the ignition and the car circuit. This is known as immobilizing the vehicle. So even if car thieves manage to break into the vehicle, they will not be able to drive off with it.

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Push Button Start:

Once the driver has entered the vehicle, all that they need to do is to push a button to start the engine. The button is usually located on the dashboard near the steering column.

The way to start the vehicle with a push button start is really easy. First of all make sure that your SmartKey is on your person. Compress the brake pedal and press the Engine Start/Stop button.

Auto Window Up-rolling:

The window rolling feature works on basically the same principles. It relies on the key fob’s proximity or nearness to the vehicle. As soon as the driver steps out of the car and goes out of the system’s range, the windows roll up automatically. This will prevent the property inside the car from being stolen. It also makes your life simple and secure, because you can strike “close the vehicle’s windows” off your to-do list.

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A buying guide for Keyless Entry System

A keyless entry system is an electronic lock that limits entry into a car without using a mechanical key. The earliest form of keyless entry systems required you to enter a numeric code on a keypad located near the driver’s door.

Another variation of the keyless entry system is a remote starter which uses a remote, also called a key fob, to lock and unlock the vehicle’s doors.

The system is commonly used in vehicles and performs all the functions that a standard key would, without physically turning a key. When the driver gets within a specified distance of the car, simply pressing a button on the remote will unlock the doors. Once inside the vehicle, press a button to start the engine.

Security for your car

Unlocking and locking the car’s doors is very convenient, but Keyless Go houses an alarm that will sound off when someone tries to temper with your vehicle. Multiple sensors installed in the vehicle that are triggered due to movement or vibrations, accomplish this task.

The moment an intrusion is detected, the control module will activate a warning.  As a result the siren will start blaring with flashing lights. Thieves hate alarms, and will flee at the first indication.

Our keyless entry system also comes with a built-in immobilizer, which will completely disable the ignition system. Our also system comes with a car tracker that can be added for a little extra cash. It can track the vehicle’s location using the driver’s smartphone.

Before buying a keyless entry system, here are some questions that you should ask:

Will this system work on all cars?

This is a very important question and you must always ask your sales representative about what other devices or bypasses will be needed for a correct installation of our system.  Our system works on almost all major car brands and models and to find out which, head over to our online store.

What is “rolling codes”?

Rolling code is an encryption technique used in keyless entry systems to prevent unauthorized entry. The system works by changing the code or transmission the key fob sends to the system every time it is used.

The remote fob sends encrypted signals. If the code sent is the same which is matches the receiver, then the system will unlock the doors, and start the car. Fixed codes can easily be recorded by a third party listening in on your transmissions. A system with rolling codes will always send a different transmission than the one sent before, so even if someone recorded these codes, the doors won’t unlock. A keyless entry system makes up for a very successful thief deterrent.


What is up with the remotes?

Button Only Key Fobs

These remotes only have large visible push buttons that give no feedback whether the signals were received or sent. This is pretty confusing sometimes.

LED Key Fobs

This kind shows button pushes using attractive LED lights that are installed in the remote. The fob itself looks pretty attractive and appealing with LED lights.

Can one remote run two different vehicles?

Due to security reasons, our keyless entry system Keyless Go does not support this feature. In simple words your smart key matches your car. This does not mean that it is not possible to do so, above all it is risky.

What is the “car finder”?

The car finder feature comes with the companion smartphone app, Air Start. The feature allows you to use mobile internet and Google Maps to give you an accurate and updated location of your car.

Can I start my car with my smartphone?

Yes you certainly can, and we are glad that you asked. The companion app that comes with our keyless entry system can help you accomplish this and much more.  There are features that will intrigue and amaze you, like the car speed finder option. This feature updates you about the current speed and heading direction of your vehicle.

What is range of the key fob?

Range varies with systems. Our Air start smartphone app will allow the driver to use a smartphone as a remote remote and can display a variety of information about your vehicle such as lock/unlock status, vehicle speed and location. With this feature you don’t have to worry about range as it uses mobile internet to communicate with your vehicle. You can start your car from the comfort of your home or office.


Most owners prefer to install keyless entry systems themselves, but our company does not recommend this and we believe that to get Keyless Go installed at one our authorized dealership or service center is the best idea. Newer vehicles and their electronics have become infinitely more complex and by installing the system you may do costly damage.  Trust our certified technicians with years of experience to work on your car.

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Investing in Keyless Go will be the best choice you make.

Technology is amazing; it has made our everyday activities easy. In recent years technology has revolutionized the automotive industry. Cars of today are smart, fuel efficient and safer.  But even after the advancements car theft is still a big problem and a constant worry for vehicle owners.

Factory installed security and alarm systems are still quite reliable but thieves have become more tech savvy. They know all the little tips and tricks to easily disable an alarm system.  This is precisely why you should look towards aftermarket systems with hope.

Car thieves are becoming more and more tech savvy. Even amateur thieves are now equipped with the knowledge and the technology to crack central locking systems. They have devised new ways to commit car theft; and this is exactly why you need to invest in a reliable keyless entry system.

Vehicle theft is one of the biggest reasons you should consider investing in Keyless Go. It is a keyless entry system for your car. The system has eliminated the need for a mechanical key. With this system installed in your vehicle, unlocking, locking it and starting the engine is very convenient.  The driver can hold the remote, also known as a key fob, in their hand or store it in a pocket or handbag. There is no need to take it out because the car’s doors will unlock automatically when the driver gets close to the vehicle.

Once inside the vehicle, the driver only needs to push a button, located on the dashboard, to start the engine. The reason keyless entry systems have gained popularity is because of the convenience and that luxury they offer.

Most readers will probably be thinking: “this system is not necessary for my vehicle because I have an alarm system. “ Well, you’re wrong. Alarm and central locking system are affective against amateur thieves, but they don’t stand much of a change against professionals.

Keyless Go is Silent.

Whenever a central locking system or an alarm system is activated, it makes a sound. The sound it usually makes is a chime, click, etc. Many central locking systems and alarm systems also give a visual signal in the form of flashing the headlights or indicators. Keyless Go is different. It is silent but very effective. Most of the time you won’t even know it is there.

A keyless entry system locks the vehicle for you. When you exit your car and go out of range, with the key fob in your pocket or purse, the system automatically locks the car’s doors.

Buy Keyless Go

Keyless Go protects your car, even when it is parked.

Parking a fancy car or even an ordinary car is always risky, because you never know when it might be stolen. Deserted parking spots are another matter entirely; vehicles have even been stolen in posh areas.

It is a good idea to find a well-lit area to park your car. That way it is easier to spot and keep an eye on. This is usually a good idea because these areas are usually crowded and any thief trying to steal your car will certainly attract attention. If are parking your car in a car park, It is even more dangerous. Your vehicle will be in a very secluded spot. It is like gift wrapping it for car thieves.

An even better idea is to install Keyless Go. It has rolling code encryption and security measures in place to successfully deter even the most experienced thieves. Paired with our smartphone app, Air Start, Keyless Go can track your car using Google maps.

Make your car more secure

This is the modern era, the time of smart machines. Why should you live like it is 1984? Sure, installing a central locking or an alarm system will deter thieves. An alarm system, as the name suggests, sounds an alarm whenever someone tries to force their way in or mess with your car.  But an alarm system doesn’t hold up against more experienced and tech savvy car thieves.

There are other ways of protecting your vehicle than just installing a central locking system and hoping that an experienced thief doesn’t notice your car. On top of that a central locking system and alarm system can easily be disabled. Even an amateur car thief with wire cutters can disable the system by cutting the power to the control circuit.

The most secure and reliable way to protect your car is to install our Keyless Go. Our system comes with an array of security features, like rolling code encryption, auto window up-rolling, Auto door lock, to name just a few.

Push a button to start your vehicle:

This feature is simplicity and convenience. Starting a vehicle’s engine has never been simpler than just pressing a button on the dashboard. While providing convenience, the feature also secures your vehicle. The engine will not start unless the correct key fob is present.

Auto Car Lock:

When you exit the vehicle and go out of range, Keyless Go will lock the car’s doors automatically. For added security, the system also immobilizes it by shutting down the car circuit. While immobilized, your vehicle is not going anywhere.

Auto Window Up-rolling:

Most drivers often make the mistake of leaving their car’s windows open when they exit. Keyless Go has a solution for that, after the driver exits the vehicle the system automatically rolls up the windows

You will never be locked out of your vehicle:

Car drivers fear one thing the most, being locked outside their vehicles just because they lost their keys or the key fob ran out of battery.  Many can relate to this scenario because this happens a lot. With Keyless Go, there is no change of this ever occurring. The key fob’s battery lasts long and even when it runs out, there is no need to worry. Simply place the key fob within the sensing area on the windshield, and the doors will unlock.

If you’re looking to install a keyless entry system in your vehicle, we highly recommend Keyless Go. To find out more about it click here.

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Why choose a car anti-theft system?

Chances are that by the time you finish reading this, someone’s car has been stolen. This is not an exaggeration. Car theft has become very common, with thieves using technology to their benefit. While there is no guarantees that your vehicle won’t be stolen, there are some steps that you can take to make it more secure, and harder to steal. Installing a car anti-theft system is one of these steps.

Car anti-theft systems come in many shapes and sizes, from alarm systems to vehicle immobilizers. Alarm systems are good for attracting attention, but are useless in crowded areas and can be easily disabled. Then there are central locking systems, which are similar to keyless entry systems.

By far, the most effective car anti-theft system is the immobilizer.  An immobilizer is an electronic lock device which prevents the engine from starting if an incorrect key is used.

A basic understanding of this system is that a vehicle’s engine has different parts or modules which need to be activated in order to start, the immobilizer cuts power to these system. Without power these systems will not function and the car won’t start. I won’t explain, at length, how the system works because that would make it easier for car thieves to disable it or hack it.

Vehicle owners need not worry because Smart Key has the answer to their problems. Enter, Smart Cop, our car anti-theft system.

It is easy to conceal inside a vehicle.

When it comes to getting this kind of system for your vehicle, a bigger device is not always a good idea. This is one of those situations when bigger is not always better. The reason behind this is that a bigger system is easy to locate and disable. Bigger devices don’t conceal very well and this is where the main problem arises.  A more experienced thief can easily open up a large and bulky device, and easily bypass the circuits, gaining control of the vehicle.

Smart Cop is small in size and because of this it can be concealed very easily inside your car.

It makes no noise.

A good car anti-theft system won’t even let you know that it is doing its job. It is silent. An alarm system, as the name suggests, is useful when someone tries to mess with or enter your car. A central locking system on the other hand locks the vehicle’s doors, but it is useless if the thieves break inside you precious corolla. Both of these systems are unnecessary if you have an immobilizer or a car anti-theft system. The system makes no beeps, thuds, horn or any clicking sounds.

The system is always present, always working to protect your car against the most experienced of car thieves.

Compatible with all kinds of vehicles

I can understand the frustration when you buy an aftermarket system and it does not fit inside your car, all that money is going to be wasted. Being able to fit easily is the biggest reason behind smart cop’s universal compatibility.

Our system is unique because it can work just as easily on a motor cycle as it can on a car or even a truck. It is compatible with a range of different vehicles. Most systems are only compatible with certain brands. Smart Cop can easily be installed in any kind of vehicle, the only requirement being that the vehicle should be equipped with a 12V to 24V DC battery.

Smart Cop is made of strong materials

The outer casing is perhaps the most important point to keep in mind before buying an immobilizer. The outer shell is the first layer of security and if this fails, the system is fairly easy to disable.  Many car anti-theft systems boast advanced features and anti-theft security measures, but lack in the most crucial area which is the outer casing.  Without a strong and inaccessible outer casing, the inner circuitry is very easy to get to. This is where Smart Cop is superior to similar systems.  At a glance smart cop looks like any ordinary system, but it is so much more than that.

If you are looking to buy an anti-theft system for your vehicle we can help. You can visit our online store here, or click here to know more about this device.

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How to use Air Start

Smartphones are awesome; we can use them for a number of things. When used for entertainment purposes, a smartphone will ensure that you never get bored. When used for work, it can help you write articles, learn a language, etc. Smartphones have another use, the one many users don’t know about. It can also be used as a remote control for your car.

When I say ‘remote control,’ don’t think about driving your car with it. By a remote control i mean that it can be used with a keyless entry system, such as Keyless Go, to unlock, lock and remote start your car. Amazing isn’t it?

Keyless Go offers you an option to install the Air Start companion app on your iPhone or android device and enjoy a luxurious and convenient drive.

To understand how Air Start works, the workings of Keyless Go must be explained so that you can have a better idea of the system.  Keyless Go is a keyless entry system. What is that you ask? It is a system that lets you lock and unlock your vehicle without using mechanical keys. You don’t even need to hold the key in your hand. It just needs to be in your pocket, backpack or handbag. And that’s it. These systems were once offered by only luxury brands, such as Mercedes or BMW.  But now it doesn’t matter if you have a Honda, Hyundai or any other car, you can easily get an aftermarket system installed in your vehicle.

You can opt for Air Start when you are getting Keyless Go, it’s up to you entirely.  If you do decide to get Air Start, we can assure you that it will add some very interesting features and boost your vehicle’s security.

Air Start uses mobile internet to communicate with your vehicle and this means that where ever you are, you can remote start your vehicle with a simple touch.

Read on to find out how to use this system on your smartphone:

Get Keyless Go:

To use Air Star, the very first step is to get Keyless Go. The system itself is quite complicated and not something that you can plug in yourself. The hardware needs to be installed by a trained mechanic, and in this case by a Delta Smart Innovation certified service center.   Once connected, the system lets the driver unlock, lock the car by pushing a button on the remote key fob.

The system has a range of convenience and security features that will make your life much easier. For example, when you get near the vehicle, our system automatically unlocks the doors. Once inside push a button to start the engine. Similarly, when the driver exits the car and walks away, the doors are locked and the windows roll up automatically.

The biggest plus point is not wasting time to look for car keys, because the key fob is inside your pocket or handbag.

Install the Air Start App on Your Android Device or iPhone

Air Start needs Keyless Go to work, that’s the way it has been created. After the system has been installed in your vehicle, the next step is to install the smartphone app. This step is fairly easy, because we are usually so attached to our smartphones that we know almost everything about it. I’m not just talking about games and apps, we know how to tweak the screen brightness to get maximum battery life.  Having said this, our smartphone application is very easy to install and simple to use.

Launch the App

Launch the Air Start app, just like you would any other app. Navigate to where the app is on your smartphone, and touch the app icon. The splash screen will show up after a few seconds. When the login screen shows up, enter the id and password that was provided to you. Touch the login button. And you are good to go.

Once successfully logged in, the Air Start dashboard shows up. This interface has all the options to start, lock and unlock your car.

Start the Engine

Our smartphone app allows you to start your vehicle from the comfort of your home or office.  The first step is to make sure that your phone has mobile internet activated on it. This is necessary because Air Start uses mobile internet to communicate with the control module inside your vehicle.

Step 2: Gently touch the circular “Engine Start” button on the interface. Your car will start. For security purposes the doors are kept locked whenever your vehicle is remote started in this way. If not for this security measure, anyone would be able to drive off with your car.

Unlock the car

Using this app you can unlock your car at the simple touch of a button on your smartphone. Navigate to the Air Start dashboard and touch the button labeled “unlock.” All of your vehicle’s doors will unlock, all you need to do now is just pull the door handle and get in.

Lock the car

On the application’s dashboard, touch the button labeled “lock”. And that’s it. The car’s doors will be locked. The feature is especially useful when you forget to lock your car’s doors. There is no need to worry, no matter where you are you can easily lock your vehicle’s doors.

Track the vehicle

Tracking your vehicle was never this easy. Usually tracking systems cannot be accessed by the driver. In the event of theft, the owner had to call the tracker company and they located the car. Air Start has made this much easier by including an option to track the car on the app’s dashboard.

Are you looking to install a keyless entry system? You can find out more about Keyless Go here or click here to visit our online store.  For more information contact us on 800 DELTA (33582).

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What is remote start and why should you get one?

Many luxury brands have remote starters pre-installed in their vehicles; but if you own a Toyota, Honda or a Hyundai it doesn’t mean that you can’t install one in your car. Remote start systems are amazingly convenient, and probably the best aftermarket addition to your car.

What is remote start?

A remote start, as the name suggests, enables you to start your car with a remote or with your smartphone. It is feature in keyless entry systems such as Keyless Go.

Perhaps the biggest reason to install a remote start system is comfort and peace of mind. Think about it who doesn’t want to get rid of their car keys because they keep losing them. With this system you don’t have to worry about that, the key fob will be safely stored inside your pocket or handbag.  You don’t need to turn a mechanical key to unlock your car’s doors, or start its engine. The doors unlock automatically when you get close to the vehicle, and one inside just push a button to start the engine. It is this simple, all you need to do now is get in and drive away.

Warming Up the car’s Engine

Car mechanics and experts will tell you that it is always better to warm up the engine for a couple of minutes instead of driving away with an engine that has been cold for hours. This practice also contributes in increasing engine life. Using a remote start system e.g. Keyless Go paired with Air Start, you can start your vehicle’s engine beforehand. By the time you get there the engine is warmed up and ready to go. This also greatly increases the performance of the engine.

Post drivers just ignore warming up the engine, and drive off, within seconds, after starting their vehicles. This will create problems for them over time. Installing a remote start system means that when you are ready and set to go, so is your vehicle


If you are an automotive enthusiast and also interested in security, then a remote start system is prefect for you. Let us set the record straight. A remote start system does not make a vehicle easy to steal.  When it is remote started, it doesn’t mean that a vehicle is ripe for stealing. When you touch a button on your smartphone to start the car, all its doors are locked automatically to deter thieves.  These systems use rolling code encryption to communicate with your vehicle. No one can use just any key fob or smart key to unlock the vehicle or start its engine. In simple terms, your key fob matches your car.

When the driver exits the vehicle, and goes out of range the vehicle’s doors lock automatically. Right now you are probably thinking that the doors are easy to unlock and this is a job that an amateur thief can perform.  Well, you are wrong. Not only does Keyless Go, our remote starter, lock the doors, it rolls up the windows, shuts down the engine and puts the car in immobilizer mode. As long as the car is immobilized it will not start, and hot wiring it is out of the question.

It allows you to track your car

Air Start, a feature of Keyless Go, lets you track your car with your smartphone. No need for a fancy car tracking system and a technician to tell you the vehicle’s location. You can simply touch a button on your smartphone and find out the current location of your vehicle via Google Maps.  Not only does this system give you an updated and current location, it also gives you the vehicle’s speed and direction of travel. This is a useful feature for those parents that want to keep an eye on their teenage children

Increases re-sale value

When the time comes to sell your vehicle, after market additions and features can greatly increase the re sale value. This gives the buyer a very positive impression that you deeply cared for your car. No everyone wants to install aftermarket features and systems, so in a way you are unique in the eyes of the buyer.  It is because of this that you can ask for a higher price. Those aftermarket additions and features that everyone told you were a waste of money, will actually pay for themselves.

Find out more about our remote starter and keyless entry system here and for more information contact us on 800 DELTA (33582).Delta Smart Online Store


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Benefits of a Car Tracking System

A car tracking system normally comprises of a GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking device, or tracker for short, wired inside a vehicle along with a control module and software to monitor the car. The system works by tracking the car using satellites that give a vehicle’s speed, position and heading.

Most car tracking systems only track the vehicle’s position or location; this data can be only viewed by the tracking company. Our car tracking system, Air Start works with Keyless Go. Air start is the companion smart phone app that displays the vehicle’s current location, speed and much more. It tracks it using Google Maps. The first impression that most people have of car tracking systems is something that aids in finding a stolen vehicle.

Air Start is much more than that. This system uses Google maps to provide information about your car’s location in real-time.

Here are the benefits of getting a car tracking system.

  • Track your car

Tracking companies usually don’t let the driver or owner track their vehicles, instead they have technicians monitoring the car’s movements. Some trackers don’t start tracking your vehicle unless it is reported stolen by the owner. This presents a problem because most owners don’t find out that their car’s missing until it is too late. It’s not like the thief’s going to tell you after stealing your vehicle.

Newer smartphone car tracking systems are revolutionary. These systems let you track your car with your smartphone.  Now there is no need to wait for a technician to tell you that your vehicle’s been stolen. You can track your it yourself, with something that is with you all the time. A smartphone car tracking system is simplicity itself; it is usually an added feature in a keyless entry system such as Keyless Go.  The system is user friendly; it is an innovative feature and makes the user feel that they are in control, instead of some technician.

Air Start uses only the latest and sophisticated GPS technology along with Google maps to provide information about your car in real-time. This means that you can know the location of your vehicle at all times.

  • Finding the position of a stolen vehicle

This exactly what a tracking system is for. Let’s assume for just a moment that you have a Mercedes Benz and you park it in a well-lit and busy parking spot. Imagine that your shiny new car was stolen and you want to know its position so you can alert the police. This is where a car tracking system comes in and saves the day. Modern trackers use GPS satellites to track a vehicle’s location, speed and direction. From this data they are able to draw a very accurate picture of where your car is, its speed and direction of travel.

Our car tracking system, Air Start makes the process even easier by displaying the information mentioned above on your smartphone. You won’t have to call the tracker company every time you want to know your car’s location. Simply turn on the Air Start app and take a deep breath.

  • Prevent your car from being stolen.

This system prevents your car from being stolen. It is one of many ways you can mess up a thief’s day. Studies show that thieves are less likely to steal a car if there is any indication that is has a car tracking system installed. Even if a car thief is stupid enough to steal a vehicle with a tracker, as amateurs are. They won’t be able to go very far. Why? And you need to pay attention to this, Because Air Start has a built in alarm system that alerts the owner.

  • Monitor vehicle speed

Modern trackers, such as Air Start, let you monitor your vehicle’s speed current speed. It uses mobile internet to send all the information to a smartphone. This is a great tool for parents that want to keep an eye on their teenagers.

Air Start smartphone app is easy to use, the only requirement is that it requires Keyless Go to work. The experts at Delta Smart Key make sure that our products go through the proper quality control checks, so that you only get the quality products. You can take a look at our car tracking system Air Start, Here. For more information on Air Start contact us on 800 DELTA (33582).

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SmartKey is the perfect addition to your Toyota Corolla

This is the age of smart devices. Chances are that you know someone that owns a modern Mercedes car with a smart key system. Mercedes has given their smart key the fancy name, Keyless Go. But sadly this system is available only with a Mercedes car. The good news, for all you automotive enthusiasts, is that you can enjoy the very same and improved features on your Toyota Corolla by getting SmartKey.

Just imagine your Toyota Corolla with the same convenient and luxurious features as the German made Mercedes. Some of the amazing features that you can experience with SmartKey are keyless entry, auto lock, push button start and much more. Convenience and luxury await, all you have to do is install SmartKey in your Toyota Corolla and control your car with your fingertips.

Chances are that you may have heard the word smartkey in a TV or Radio advertisement or may have read about it on the internet.  Still many of us wonder what a smartkey really is.

What is Smartkey?

Smartkey is a keyless entry system for cars. It makes locking, unlocking and starting a car’s engine easy and convenient. The best part is that you won’t need a traditional key which is really convenient because it removes the anxiety when car keys are lost. The system uses a wireless remote control, also known as a key fob, to lock and unlock a car from the outside. Smartkey is a great aftermarket addition to your Toyota Corolla.

Here is what you can do with a Smartkey:

Most cars come with factory installed keyless entry systems. But these systems have only the basic functionality. That means they can only lock, unlock the car and start the engine. A smartkey can do so much more. A Toyota Corolla equipped with this system is much more secure and user friendly.

Start the car

With our system installed you just need to get near the vehicle, with the key fob in your pocket or purse and it will unlock. This is made possible by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and rolling code encryption. Smartkey sends a signal to the onboard computer inside the car and it unlocks the doors, after verifying that it is in fact the authorized key. Once inside the vehicle, start the engine simply by pressing the Engine Start/Stop button. Convenient than turning an old fashioned key in the ignition, isn’t it?

Turn off the car

This is accomplished in a similar way. Make sure that your car is in Park mode, in case of an automatic transmission. If your vehicle has a manual transmission, shift it into neutral and press the Engine Start/Stop button. This turns off the vehicle.

Auto Lock:

This is an amazing security feature that comes with smartkey. It is mainly to ward off car thieves and those looking to steal your valuables.  When the driver exits the car and closes the doors the system will lock the doors automatically and at the same time shut down the car circuit, lock the engine and put the car in immobilizer mode. It is simple; your vehicle will not be going anywhere as long as it is immobilized. Did i mention the alarm? Yes there is an alarm system too. If anyone tries to mess with your car, it sounds an alarm.

Auto Window Up-rolling:

So you are in a hurry and you leave your brand new Toyota Corolla’s windows open. Trust me it happens a lot. With smart key you don’t have to worry about leaving your car’s windows open, as soon as you lock the vehicle’s doors, SmartKey automatically rolls up the windows.

The key fob’s battery will never run out:

Almost all car owners are absolutely terrified of being locked out of their cars.  They have every reason to be afraid, keys are lost and keyless entry fobs run out of battery juice. You won’t have to worry about this with our system. There is a little passive sensor inside the Smartkey remote/fob and the car will automatically unlock when you place the remote on the sensing area located on the windscreen.

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4 Mistakes People Make When Buying A Remote Car Starter.

A remote car starter can prove to be one of the best additions that you can make to your car. But purchasing one can be really confusing. The purpose of this article is to help you avoid common mistakes that people make when buying a remote car starter.

1. Not getting a remote starter with the proper features.

Remote car starters offer a lot of convenient options. But you have to ask the right questions when buying one. Many remote starters are exactly what they advertise: remote car starters. They just start and stop the vehicle remotely, and that’s it. Delta Smart Innovation’s Keyless Go has multiple functions ranging from keyless entry and remote engine start to Auto Window Up rolling and push button start.
You can pair Keyless Go with Air Start and control your car with your smartphone. It uses mobile internet to control your vehicle. Your will have complete access and ignition control over your car. Air start is the perfect solution to remote start your vehicle from the comfort of your home or office. You can even track your car using Google maps.

2. Buying a remote starter without a keyless entry feature.

A common mistake is not buying a remote starter with a keyless entry feature. This means that with this kind of remote starter you would have to use the old fashioned key to unlock your car. The solution to this is to choose a remote starter that has a keyless entry feature like Delta Smart Innovation’s Keyless Go (Smart Key). Keyless Go automatically unlocks the doors when you approach your car.

3. Buying a Low quality remote car starter.

You can buy a remote car starter anywhere these days, from a hardware store or car parts store. Most come with an instructional booklet or DVD that claims that you can easily install it yourself. You should never do this.
These remote starters are usually of lower quality than the systems that you would buy at a specialty manufacturer and retailer like Delta Smart Innovation. Choosing an inferior product will create all kinds of headaches for you over time.

4. Buying A Remote Starter From One Place And Getting It Installed At Another

Under no circumstances should you do this. You should always have your starter installed at the very same place that you bought it. Our remote car starter, Keyless Go must be installed by a professional at one of our certified labs. Why risk installing it yourself or at a third party shop, when you can get it installed at a Delta Smart Innovation authorized lab.

Keyless Go can be a very useful addition to your vehicle. Use the information in this article and you will surely make the right decision. Get Keyless Go, click here

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What is Remote Start, Keyless Go

What is a Remote Starter (Keyless Go)? And why you should get one?

A remote starter (Keyless Go) is a remote control for a keyless entry system that is built into the ignition key. All the doors of a car can be unlocked by pressing a single button. Another button starts the engine. Keyless Go, unlocks a vehicle without using a traditional car key.

Here are a few reasons why you should install a remote starter:

Auto Lock/Unlock:

Remote starters automatically unlock the doors when you approach your car or lock them when you exit. Now you can say good bye to the traditional unlocking method and choose a more convenient way.

Remotely turn on the air conditioning/heater:

Depending on where you live, this could be one of the best reasons to buy and install a remote start system-Keyless Go- in your car. In the summers your car can get really hot. While you’re at work or home all day, your car has been baking in the sun. On the other hand, if its winter where you live, your car will be freezing cold. With a remote starter system (Keyless Go), you can turn on the heater or air conditioning before you get into your vehicle. Convenient, isn’t it?

Warm Up your Engine:

A lot of car mechanics will tell you that it’s always better to drive away with an engine that has been warming up for a few minutes rather than driving away after starting an engine. Using a remote starter, you don’t have to worry. You can start your engine before you get to your car by using the Air Start smartphone app or a remote starter device.


A remote starter actually makes your car harder to steal. Keyless Go uses top-of-the-line technology and makes unauthorized entry extremely difficult. What it means, is that no one can use just any remote starter to open your vehicle’s doors or start its engine.

Are you looking to install a remote starter system? We have the best remote starter system, Keyless Go. Contact us at 800 DELTA (33582) or visit our online store.

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