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Smart Cop, a vehicle security system to rule them all.

Cars are really expensive. A few purchases, other than buying a new house, compare to buying a new car. Similar to any high priced asset, a car brings with it another secondary emotional and monetary cost, the risk of theft. Normally it’s a good idea to arm yourself and your car with some cutting-edge security.

Luckily for car owners around the world, Smart Cop has the answer to all your security problems. Smart Cop is a concealed vehicle security system. Created with the most sophisticated electronic technologies, Smart Cop is compatible with all type of vehicles like, motor bikes, cars, light motor vehicles, trucks etc, equipped with a 24V or lower DC battery. Smart Cop comes with a two year warranty.


But how does Delta Smart Innovation’s Smart Cop work, exactly?

Smart Cop vehicle security system works by disabling parts of the engine that are crucial for startup. While the ignition system is shut down, hot wiring a car or starting the engine without a key is extremely difficult. Without a Smart Key, car thieves will have serious trouble driving off with any car they force their way into that’s fitted with Smart Cop.


When it comes to plain old security, Smart Cop is pretty impressive. Its small size enables it to be concealed inside your vehicle, and better yet its easy to install. Protect your vehicle and its contents with Smart Cop, Delta Smart Innovation’s state-of-the-art vehicle security system.

2015-11-12 08:10:11