Delta Smart Innovation has been the hub of automobile innovation, technology and quality service since its launch in the UAE in 1982. We are pioneers in the field of ‘intelligent technologies’ that modernize a vehicle; offering consumers the ultimate convenience, luxury, security and an outstanding drive.

Our flagship product is the SmartKey, an advanced and secure Key Less system for automobiles.

Once a vehicle is equipped with our technologies, life becomes so much easier.The driver has the ability to start and stop the engine, without even inserting the key. A transponder built within our devices allows the vehicle to identify a driver, send information about the car, such as tyre air pressure, temperature, in real-time to the driver’s smartphone or the on-board LCD display.

Our security technologies are top of the line. Take the Smart Cop system for instance. Smart cop is an anti-theft electronic system has a unique design paired with its ultra slim size and above all its easy to use. Smart Cop is compatible with all type of vehicles like, Motor Bikes, Cars, motor trucks, etc equipped with a 24V DC battery or lower.

The days of outdated and cumbersome vehicular technologies are over, this is the digital age. Using our products you can keep up with the future.