Why do you need Smart Signal TPMS?

Tire Pressure Management Systems (TPMS) are really clever pieces of modern technology, designed to monitor the air pressure in a car’s tires.  The main idea behind a TPMS is convenience and safety. Under or over inflated tires, are prone to tire bursts, can cause serious accidents.  A TPMS prevents that from happening and prompts the driver to check their tires.

These systems are nothing new but have greatly improved over the years. Our tire pressure monitoring system, Smart Signal TPMS is the product of latest technology and innovation. It allows the driver to keep an eye on air pressure and temperature for each individual tires. Furthermore, it alerts the driver when there are any problems. Most drivers so not check pay enough attention to their tires and this causes problems, because air pressure cannot be properly checked with visual inspection only.

How does Smart Signal TPMS work?

The system consists of a couple of sensors, depending on the number of tires, one attached to each wheel. These sensors transmit data to the control module, which is inside the car. The data is displayed on an onboard LCD attached on the dashboard, a cigarette lighter display or even the driver’s smartphone. This is how flexible Smart Signal TPMS really is.

The sensors detect air pressure and temperature from the inside of the wheel and transmit it in real time. Each sensor is created to consume very little power and the batteries themselves last very long.

The data is sent wirelessly to the on board control module, it is more efficient this way. Individual sensors have unique serial numbers; this is how the system identifies one tire from the other.

The two kinds of TPMS:

Indirect TPMS

This kind of tpms has knob shaped sensors that fit on the air valves. They work by calculating the rate of revolutions for each wheel, the raw data is sent to an onboard computer which processes it to information. The control module compares the tire sizes and shapes to previous data. Based on these readings it can measure the tire air pressure.  Similar to other tpms our system sends a warning to the driver whenever there is a change in the air pressure, all this is done in real time.

In simple words the system monitors the tire sizes, shape and notifies the driver when it detects a sudden change in the shape of a tire.

 Direct TPMS

The direct tire pressure monitoring system is much more complicated, albeit a more accurate device. It consists of high tech and sensitive sensors that are installed inside the tires, instead of on the outside. This is one of the reasons for the system’s accuracy. The sensors are capable of measuring the air pressure as well as temperature, so it can alert the driver when the tires become too hot.

Similar to its indirect Tpms counterpart, the direct Tpms sensors send all data to the onboard control module, which converts the data into useful information and displays it.

Here are some of the reasons you need Smart Signal TPMS:

It Increases tire life:

Low or abnormal tire air pressure drastically reduces its life. It can cause the tire’s shape to change.  Another problem that arises due to improper air pressure is that the side walls of the tires start to get weak. This can cause the tire to fail, before its time. Drivers are familiar with this problem, and it is quite dangerous for a tire.  Smart Signal TPMS will increase the life of your tires and you will feel the improvement in your car’s performance.


Tires are the most important part of a vehicle; these are the parts that make contact with the road. So it is a good idea to keep an eye on their condition. Under inflated tires will cause your vehicle to wobble or drive differently. The change is so big that the driver will be able to feel it. The steering will also feel loose. The solution to this problem is to keep an eye on tire pressure, and what better way to do that than get Smart Signal TPMS.

Our system has been rigorously tested to expose any flaws or manufacturing faults, so that the end product is reliable and fault free.

Smart Signal TPMS alerts the driver of abnormal tire pressure.

This system sends audible and visible warnings to the driver, when there is any problem with the tires. Whether the tires are getting hot or the tires are over or under inflated. Smart Signal TPMS, displays tire pressure and temperature for each tire so it is easy to differentiate.  For the

Tires get hot

Let’s face it Tire burst/blowouts are dangerous and the accidents that they cause can be horrible. Most tire blowouts occur due to high temperatures. When the rubber meets the road, temperatures are sure to rise. Smart Signal TPMS warns the driver when the one or all the tires are getting too hot for comfort. This feature can save you from injury and prevent property damage.

Smart Signal TPMS sends data to your smartphone

Our TPMS is unique in this way that it sends all the data to the driver’s smartphone. This is convenience at its very best. Our system uses the one device that you have on your person at all times, your smartphone. The smartphone app is free and works on both Android and iOS. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate with your device.

Delta Smart Innovation has the best tire pressure monitoring system in the market. If you want to know more about our system click here, to get smart signal TPMS visit our online store here.

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